Overweight sugar addict trying Huel for the first time!


I think you’re definitely going to beat me to this! Today I’m weighing in at 12 stone 3.4lbs… frustrated face

Well done on the progress! :slight_smile:


Hi guys.

Gosh I’m So sorry @CharlieMay I ment to write back a good week ago and kept forgetting.

I’m in Fiji at the moment so urrrrrm… Let’s just say I don’t think my scales will look to good when get home :flushed::flushed::flushed: BUT I’m trying not to care to much coz a holidays is called a holiday for a reason hehe.

Before I left I got down to 69.2kg so that’s good. I have brought my elixier / huel with me so TRYING to have that when I can instead of lunch when we have days at the resort.

Geez it’s such an on going thing eah this losing weight / staying healthy thing. Reading back at all the posts it really is a blinking head game for us sometime eah!

Keep going tho everyone, your all doing well to even be giving it a good go.

Chat soon… BULA… :fiji::fiji::fiji::fiji::fiji:


Really helpful description - thank you.


I dunno @Sarah_Susannah_Berni, by the time my guests leave I might be joining you at 12 stone 3.4… :laughing:


Totally! Enjoy Fiji! 69.2kg is great :smiley: My goal/dream weight is probably around 60kg, so sounds super to me!

But yeh, so hard! I think I’m gonna be at this about a year to reach where I want to be sigh

Back on the wagon after the guests leave :wink:



Oh boy, the last 5-6 days of guest induced gluttony have really impacted my weight :flushed:

So… the numbers… well the (new) scales weighed me in at 12 stone 5.7 this morning (78.8kg) gulp!

So, I’ve gone up about 5-6 pounds, holy shit balls!

I’m hoping that some (a lot!) of it is actual food weigh working it’s way through and water retention from eating so much crap and probably not drinking enough…

Back on the Huel today, so far so good!

I’ve also bought a new set of scales and so far I’m impressed! I’m getting a FitBit for my birthday this month so I did look at the FitBit scales, but they were really expensive and had pretty average reviews. So instead I’ve got a set of ‘Yolanda’ scales. There’s an App you get for your phone and then the scales and the phone talk and measure all sorts of stuff like fat, muscle, water, etc, etc. I’ve been playing with the app and I’ve noticed there’s a setting to sync with a FitBit too, so happy days, I’ll be doing that when I get my band (still trying to decide which band to get… Charge 2 or the Blaze… hmm…)

Hoping my weight gain will be 6 days on, 6 days off :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s everyone going? xx

@Hayz-NZ; @Sarah_Susannah_Berni; @lilbo; @Emma; @TheJackal


The new scale sounds great! It’s good you can sync them to Fitbit. I’ve got the charge 2 and I love it!

I have not been losing weight very well for the last for five days! I didn’t dare weigh this morning, but I think I’m about 12 stone 4 pounds :open_mouth:

You can do it! :muscle:t2:


Ha! I have days like that - like basically the entire time we had guests :wink:


Hi guys!

So 13 days ago I was 12 stone 5.7 (78.8kg) after about a week of cheat days when we had guests! I had my birthday in the past 13 days so that was another cheat day too, but thoroughly enjoyable :joy:

But today, today is a BIG DAY! Today the scales rewarded me with my first 11 stone something reading!

I am 11 stone 13.6 (76kg)!! It’s taken a while, but I’m thrilled. There was a time not that long ago (pre-Huel) that I despaired of ever seeing even a ‘12’ at the beginning of my weight!

What has changed? Well, I’ve been sticking to 2 scoops of Huel for breakfast and lunch, with 300ml of water and 100ml of Alpro coconut (I love this flavour!) with raw fruit and veg for snacks and a normal/healthy dinner. Drinking lots of water & nettle tea and ‘treating’ myself with 100-150 ish calories of chocolate each evening. I try not to eat after dinner other than these squares of chocolate too.

But I guess the most major change is that I now have a FITBIT! Thus far it seems to appeal to my inner overachiever and I’ve been doing my 10,000 steps each day, around 7k of them on an hour ish long walk with the dog, which registers as ‘active minutes’ since lots of it is uphill! Usually I don’t prioritise exercise, but take a walk if I can. But now I have my FitBit I’ve been religiously doing it, lest I disappoint the little thing :joy::joy::joy: Feeling much better for it too - long may it continue :blush:

My next mini-goal is 11 stone 11, which will mean I’ve lost 1.5 stone, then we’ll try 11 stone 7 as a mini goal, then 11 stone 5 (the weight I was before child number 2 of 3!) on the way to the first major goal 11 stone 2 - which would put me back into the healthy range on my BMI, but baby steps, today I’ll raise my shaker of Huel and toast cracking through the 12/11 border and charting some new territory :smile:

@Hayz-NZ @Sarah_Susannah_Berni @lilbo @Emma @TheJackal


Wow, that’s awesome! This was a very inspirational read.

But dammit, you have beaten me to 11 territory on the scales…! Haha I have been very bad over the last week, and although I just got back on track two days ago I am currently 12 stone and 2 pounds :open_mouth: Well done on getting into the 11s at last!!

I think the idea of mini goals is really good. It’s easier not to get disheartened if you have a small goal not too far away to aim for.


I have to have mini-goals, otherwise it would all seem so far away and unattainable! I mean ultimately I’d like to be 9 stone 11, the weight I was on my wedding day 10 years ago, but that seems like a pipe dream and if I put that as my goal then going up or down a few pounds would feel like a drop in the ocean and my motivation would be shot. But when my goal is only a few pounds away I try to make each day count (with some cheats…).

I’m also getting better at working my cheats into my calories, so I’ve managed to have a small chinese take out once a week and a couple of scones with cream & jam and still keep gradually dropping the weight, which I think helps with my mental health!


I’ve just picked up your thread.

On day 2 of huel, going to aim for 4 100% huel days and 3 days of 2 huel means and one normal.

Currently sitting at 10st 6ish maybe a little less, and going on holiday in 6 weeks. Would like to hit the 9st something mark by then.

Your thread is super encouraging although can’t get on board with the huel soup :mask:! Keep it up!


That sounds pretty intense for starting on Huel, good luck! Make sure you drink plenty of water (I tend to drink 2-3 litres not including the liquid in the Huel) because the high protein in Huel can bung you up a bit, if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, for me, I found day 3 was a killer, I was in a meeting and only sheer will power/desire not to be completely embarrassed kept me awake - I was so lethargic. Thankfully that passed!

Let me know how you go down at the pointy end of weight loss, I’m still hanging out at the slightly wider end :joy:


Hello all!

Time for an update and reflection…

CURRENT WEIGHT - 11 stone 12.4 (a new low!)

So, as of this morning, my weight loss is at a new low, hurrah! But this was not the story less than a week ago… Last weekend, shortly after I had made my first entry into the 11s we had unexpected guests for the weekend. So, as is the way with having guests, I made a whopping cream tea, we had a huge Chinese take out and it was diet? What diet? How bad can it be…

Well the answer is both, really bad, and not that bad, all at the same time! Weigh in on Monday night (the guests stayed until Monday lunch and I just continued ‘guest mode’ for the rest of the day :wink: ) was 12 stone 4.7 (OMFG :open_mouth: ) By Tuesday morning I was facing 12 stone 2.6 in the face and wondering if it takes about a week to lose an effin pound, how had I put on 3 in 3 days!? I was gutted. I told myself that a lot of it was gonna be food weight from over eating and eating late and probably water weight from bloating (your body’s way of saying, hey, thanks for the crap!) But at times like this in the past I would have just said ‘oh fuck this shit, it’s too hard!’ and got on the slippery slope back to my previous weight.

But, this time I just got straight back on the Huel (2 scoops, for breakfast and for lunch), watching calories (aiming for a 500-750 + calorie deficit, including calories burned off by exercise) and FitBit motivated steps (at least 10,000, usually 12-14k, including an hour or so long walk of about 4 miles and working off about 500 calories) and this morning, only 4 days later I am weighing in at 11 stone 12.4, my lowest weight yet.

I’m sure this situation will happen again, and I’m sure they’ll be weeks when the scales seem to be stuck or inexplicably go up (this is generally poop, it sucks, but 9/10 it’s a plumbing issue… :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I’m going to try and remember this and keep on going, the only weigh is down as they say :wink:

Next milestone is 11 stone 11 - when I’ll have lost 1.5 stone, maybe this time next week, maybe…?!

How are you all doing? @Hayz-NZ @Sarah_Susannah_Berni @lilbo @Emma @TheJackal @AMP



Hi all. So sorry I havnt been on much. No idea where the blinking weeks are going at the mo.

Well done. It’s so good that even if you fall off the ban wagon you can still get right back on which is what it’s all about.

Since coming home from Fiji I havnt been so good. Have been keeping up with Elixir and still love it heaps but have been a bit naughty with biscuits with a cup of tea, Chelsea buns, and when hubby said “I feel like a treat, who wants a McDonald’s Sunday” and of course I bloody say yes! gaaaahhhhh

Havnt gone up to much (approx 1.5kg since my lowest) but enough for me this morning so slap myself on he hand and tell my self to sort my sh*t out. It won’t take much just a bit more self control and not buying extras at supermarket.

Love hearing how everyone’s going. Keep up the good work xx


That’s really great, well done on the new low! :slight_smile:️ And also well done on getting back on the wagon after being discouraged by the scales.

I am currently hovering at just above 12 stone, still trying to overcome various things (like stress, starting a new job, having people to stay!) holding me back and hit the 11s. Like you, I am trying not to let myself be discouraged by temporary setbacks and just keep on keeping on!! We can do this :muscle:t2:


Ooh chelsea buns, sounds nice :wink: I saw a packet of mince pies in the store today and I picked them up to read the calories because I love mince pies and was devastated to find they are over 250 calories each. EACH!! My big fat arse makes more sense now though, since I’ve happily chomped through up to 3 a day through the festive season previously :joy:

I do try to work in occasional treats, so I don’t feel like I’m punishing myself. We have a small chinese take out on Fridays ad the occasional cream tea with family, plus a little chocolate every day (normally 20g of 85% cocoa Green & Black, but sometime a handful of Twirl bites :wink:

1.5kg isn’t too bad, you can own that it a couple of weeks, especially if it’s ‘new weight’ :smiley:


We totally can!

I start a new job in a couple of weeks, but I’m taking my Huel with me and hopefully my will power :flushed: fingers crossed


Haha, the office environment and people bringing treats in makes it impossible not to cheat.

Don’t stress about it too much and office ettiquette will (hopefully! I still have my moments) stop you eating too much crap!


I managed to turn down danishes today at an event! I can generally say no, unless it’s something I really like - if they’d been serving chocolate brownies I would’ve been in trouble!!