Overweight sugar addict trying Huel for the first time!


Well, it’s been a week since my last update…

Let’s talk stats!

July 2017

Start weight - 13 stone 4 (84.4kg)

Largest measurements from February, before I lost 5lb from exercise, then put back on 7lb, but at least the exercise made me a bit trimmer :wink: )

Waist - 96cm
Hips - 120cm
Thighs - 72cm (x2 :stuck_out_tongue: )

23 September 2017

Current weight - 11 stone 10.6 (74.6kg)
Waist - 80.5cm (-15.5cm)
Hips - 108cm (-12cm)
Thighs - 63cm (-9cm x 2)

Total weight loss - 1 stone 7.4 (9.8kg)
Total cm loss of waist, hips and thighs - 45.5cm!

I think I’m going to start putting this at the bottom of all my posts to keep me motivated!

Reflection - I’ve been thinking a lot about high calorie foods and how they have contributed to my weight problem and basically everyone’s weight problems! I picked up a packet of (really early!) mince pies and did what I tend to do these days, went looking for the calories and I was absolutely horrified to find they were 257 calories per teeny tiny pie! Situation normal for me around Christmas time (particularly when pregnant!) would be about 3 mince pies A DAY! I also discovered my favourite Co-Op granola squares (which felt like a healthier choice what with the oats and all…) are just under 300 calories, the same as the excruciatingly delicious Tesco Finest triple choc cookies. These are all things I could eat several of in a day and so could most people, particularly parents and other busy people - as a parent I would get hungry between meals and just grab something like this to ‘fill the gap’, yet I was really shoving a small meal down my throat (and straight onto my arse and thighs!)

I don’t want to think that I’m never going to eat any of these foods again, I do really enjoy a good mince pie at that time of year… but now I’ve really looked at calories in depth I’m going to make sure I really take my time to enjoy eating one when I do and not just mindlessly cramming them into my mouth!

Now I’ve hit 11 stone 11, 1.5 stone lost, my next mini-goal is 11 stone 7, just because it’s the halfway point in the stone! With my eldest daughter’s birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks they’ll need to be at least a couple of cheat days,but I’m feeling positive that I can keep plodding along and keep reaching goals!

Hope everyone else is going well - let us know!

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I love these updates, wow you’re doing really well! Keep it up!

I know what you mean about the calories, it’s shocking how many some foods contain! I remember being in a Wetherspoons and checking some of the calorie counts, and being horrified to discover some meals were over 1000 cal each…

Ps. I’m chasing you I think, yesterday morning I hit just under 12 stone for the first time (11st 13.8) :smile:


Good luck for the new job! How is it going so far?

I can’t believe how similar our lives are! We both started off at the same starting weights and we are about the same amount down, and we have both started new jobs in the last week or two!! :smile:


Official start date is tomorrow! Plus there’s a team bonding lunch on Wednesday - eek! Think I’ll be taking my Huel and only partaking if it’s something I really like… lucky for me if it’s sandwiches I won’t even be slightly tempted :joy:

Congrats on hitting under the 12 stone mark, such a great feeling isn’t it! I’m now lighter than before I had my third child :smiley: At 11 stone 5 I’ll be the weight I was when I got pregnant with my second child - it’s like slowing working away years of overeating as a stressed parent…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s the cheese! :flushed: I made a Hello Fresh meal a few weeks back, it was mexican enchiladas, vegetarian with black beans in, but also cheese and sour cream etc and they were apparently over 1000 calories per ‘portion’! Sadly they were damn tasty too!!


Haha, cheese makes everything tasty!! That does sound like a pretty awesome (cheat) meal though!

Good luck with the new job, hope it goes well and you stay strong :muscle:t2: Yes, I’m really looking forward to getting down to 11 1/2 stone now, that’s the next mini goal :slight_smile:


Just been catching up on this thread - some great writing, thinking and sharing going on… looking forward to seeing your next installment


Thanks! Really appreciate your comment :slight_smile:

I’ll do an update after the weekend. I’m on a bit of a false low weight-wise after a 24 hour tummy bug (ugh), but I’m sure my eldest daughter’s birthday party on the website will even it all out… :wink:


Cool - looking forward to it… this weekend should be easier for me as my boys are with their father, so I can do what I want, when I want… might have to be HUEL 100%… oh and lots of knitting !!!



100% Huel, good luck! Without the kids around anything is possible :wink:


yeah well it didnt go to plan - no HUEL was eaten at all … but back on it now Im in work :slight_smile:


Funny how the work routine always seems to help with dieting… until there’s a morning tea that is :wink:


Black coffee here so that’s ok - no one seems to buy goodies - maybe thats the downside of working for a large supermarket… lol


I remember working for Sainsburys when I was 15, there was a staff canteen with cheap meals and then all the super cheap out of date food for staff to buy out back, I used to go home very well fed with arm fulls of food for my Mum :joy:


Goodness me, can’t believe it’s been 11 days since my last update!! I’ve had a minor bout of gastro and a tween birthday party and sleepover in that time, so there’s been very low calorie days and some rather higher calorie days :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve put all my stats at the bottom like said I would, but in case you don’t want to scroll - current weight is 11 stone 8!

I’ve said it before, but I really want to emphasise again how I now find that cheat days affect me… the day after a cheat day, or even a late dinner, my weight will rocket up, I’m talking 1lb per cheat day at least. This can be so disheartening, especially when you think how long it took you to get from that weight to where you had been pre-cheat day - but it’s that thinking that does you in, it’s the thinking that says, ah fuck this, I just can’t be bothered anymore, it’s too much hard work! BUT I’ve found that 2-3 mornings after the post-cheat day weigh in I get the ‘readjustment’ where my weight drops a chunk in one go and if I look I’m pretty much on the same weight loss trajectory as I was before. It really does seem like it just takes my body a couple of days to process and err, evacuate, all the excess food, before we’re back to situation normal. Now I’m not saying I could go on a cheat month, or even a cheat week and not suffer on the scales, but at least I can indulge on occasion and know that a couple of 66% Huel days later I’ll be back on track…

So what am I doing these days?

Well breakfast and lunch are still 1 scoop vanilla & 1 scoop UU with 300ml of water and 100ml of Alpro coconut. I drink half the breakfast one in the morning and the other half late morning. I drink a big mug of hot nettle tea. Then come lunch time or early afternoon I’ve started having a bit of ‘normal’ savory food. I like a bowl of fresh salad with balsamic vinegar/extra virgin olive oil/salt dressing, or even something ‘treat’ like, such as a packet of Mini Cheddars (129 calories…). After I have another big mug of hot nettle tea. Then over the afternoon I have my 2nd Huel is a couple of sittings and possibly more nettle tea. Come 5-6pm it’s tea time and we have a healthy/normal evening meal. Of an evening I’m having another big mug of nettle tea and 20g of 85% dark chocolate. If I feel super hungry I have 1 slice of toast, usually with Nutella or maybe Marmite, but I’ve reassessed by Nutella portion control and stick to a thin layer, which still tastes heavenly.

I can credit my more recent ability to eat extra calories and still lose weight to my walks/FitBit. Whereas before I was eating about 1500 and probably burning about 2000 with minimal exercise, now with a 4 mile walk (at a brisk pace, taking about 1 hour) I’m eating around 1800-1900 calories a day, but still easily getting the 750 calorie deficit I’m now aiming for on the FitBit. I seem to be losing at a rate of 1.5lb a week, which ties in with the deficit I’m aiming for.

I also find the ability to eat those extra calories helps with my motivation as I’m not left in a state of feeling ‘lack’, but at the same time when I do indulge in something I fancy I am keeping my portion right down, so it’s half a flapjack, not 2 flapjacks :rofl:

Going to a birthday celebration at an all you can eat buffet with food from all round the world on Saturday - so excited, but I actually don’t think I’ll be able to eat all that much as I’m sure I’ve shrunk my stomach capacity… I can hope :stuck_out_tongue:

My next mini-goal is 11 stone 7, so fingers crossed for that one next week…

How are you all going? xx

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July 2017

Start weight - 13 stone 4 (84.4kg)

Largest measurements from February, before I lost 5lb from exercise, then put back on 7lb, but at least the exercise made me a bit trimmer :wink: )

Waist - 96cm
Hips - 120cm
Thighs - 72cm (x2 :stuck_out_tongue: )

4 October 2017

Current weight - 11 stone 8 (73.5kg)
Waist - 79cm (-17cm)
Hips - 107cm (-13cm)
Thighs - 61.5cm (-10.5cm x 2)

Total weight loss - 1 stone 10 lb (10.9kg)
Total cm loss of waist, hips and thighs - 51cm!



Well, 25 days since my last confession… I guess I’ve been waiting for some epic weight loss to report, sadly I’ve had no such achievements!

I’ve basically been dancing around the halfway mark, currently 11 stone 7, the lowest I’ve been was 11 stone 6.4 and I’ve been up a few pounds too due to special events in October and visiting family. But also, I think I’ve been suffering a motivation deficit, as the days go by it becomes harder to pull the big losses and I got into a habit of pushing the calorie boundary to see what I could get away with eating and still keep the weight falling off gradually. Thing is, that might work, without the cheat days, but with the cheat days it’s just led to a merry dance around the line, which then leads to the ‘oh well, I’m not getting anywhere anyway’ scoffs!

Plus, after going out for a huge all you can eat buffet meal a few weeks back I had, err, well, pretty loose movements for about a week, I was beginning to think that my gut had just found a new delivery mode for good! I began to think about Huel and the cause of my bad gut. There was no pain or bloating or anything, just extra fast delivery! I have a theory that perhaps it’s not exactly the Huel which causes gut upset, but the opposite, it’s so gentle on the gut that when you torment your body with a pile of crap it revolts and tries to get rid of the food as fast as it can!

My gut seems back to normal now and nice and regular, so no complaints, but I was a bit worried there for a while!

Next goal is 11 stone 4, because then I’ll have lost 2 stone! Hoping to achieve this by the end of November, then into the 10s by Christmas (then back out of the 10s over Christmas and back into the 10s in the New Year :joy::joy::joy: )

How are you all doing? :slight_smile:

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OHi all. Gosh sorry I’m so useless at writing back. Have had a bad few weeks with my daughters birthsay (cake, Lollys etc) and then Halloween :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: NO GOOD!!!

I’m still keeping off the majority tho witch is good (thanks to a tummy bug that made me loose 1.5kg) but I really do need to sort my s**t out tho. So hard coming into summer when there ice cream in the freezer and Christmas cake and pies aaaaggghhhh :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Still excersising tho 3 ish times a week which helps tho. Going to start getting busy at work in a few weeks so that easier to not snack and just stick to my huel / Elixir.

Sitting at 70.5kg (11.1 i think) so it’s ok but really want to stay in the late 60’s if possible but I’ll keep plodding along.

Keep us posted @CharlieMay


70.5kg sounds good to me!! I had a daughter’s birthday and Halloween in October too, disastrous :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not struggling from the beginning of summer though, but the beginning of the cold, dark, Christmassy period - really gives me the urge to eat all the tasty treats :flushed:

How are you finding the Elixir now you’ve been on it for a while?

I’m hoping November is a good month for me… :smiley:


Yea it’s funny how I think I still have 4-5kg to go but it’s other’s goal weight. Where never happy are we :tired_face::joy:

I think winter can sometimes be worse than summer coz you always feel like hot yummy pies and stuff. It would be interesting to have a Christmas in winter. Would be cool to see the difference. We have family in Bristol so would be awesome to have Christmas with them one year.

Well I’m of our for my birthday lunch… will try stay on track as much as possible hehehe :yum::yum::yum:



Well, 70kg is not my ultimate goal weight, but my next mini goal is 11 stone 2 which is just over 70kg :slight_smile: Ultimately I’d like to be around the 60kg mark, but that seems like to distant a goal to work towards right now, so one mini goal at a time!

When we first moved to Australia we found Christmas in summer completely bizarre and even after 10 Christmases it still didn’t feel right, although we had developed our own tropical Christmas traditions, like eating bowls of local lychees in the pool! But I still liked to crank the air-com and cook a full english style Christmas dinner :wink:

I live an hour from Bristol - this part of the country is really beautiful, you should give it a go one year! Though don’t expect snow, the south west in the warmest part of the UK so rarely sees Christmas snow.

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your birthday lunch, I think we have to indulge sometimes, else trying to lose weight would suck your will to live!