PayPal is withholding large sums of money from UK startups without explanation

Just saw this article:

I’ve been having a hard time with PayPal too. Recently, all PayPal transactions were automatically being charged to my credit card, even though I had enough money in my PayPal balance to cover them, and even though my settings said they would use my PayPal balance first. I sent them a support ticket, got a response saying someone would reply within 24 hours. A few days later all I got was a FAQ. The problem continued, so I removed my credit card from my PayPal account.

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Okay, so I just tried to buy some Huel using PayPal, but it is asking me to add a card. NO! I have the money in my PayPal balance to cover it, I don’t need to charge it to a card!

What is the point of having money in my PayPal account if I can’t spend it?!

I’ve just sent another message to PayPal, so I’ll see if I get an actual response this time…

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Paypal are not in my good books at the moment. We might be switching to amazon payments.


Paypal pretend to be a Bank but in fact they act like a much of mob bosses.
If you have any issue whatsoever forget about it, their customer services are non-existant.

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It’s all sorted now, but I had to search online to find previous people who’d had the same problem to figure out what was wrong.

It turns out it was because my balance was in $USD. You can’t spend one currency for purchases in another currency. I genuinely never new that. Still, learn something new every day.

So I had to withdraw the money out into my bank account, at which point it gets converted into £GBP. Then I bought my new batch of Huel using PayPal, which gets charged to my credit card, which I will then pay off in a few weeks with my current account…and so the money gets shuffled round and round in circles :slightly_smiling:

Ordered the new pineapple and coconut flavour, so it will be interesting to try that. I was glad to see the strawberry flavour is back in stock too. I was tempted to get that again, but money is a bit tight so I don’t want to get too spend-happy.

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not sure when they removed the option but years ago it was possible to open a balance in another currently and transfer it between currencies. At some point I had USD, GBP, EUR, and ILS balances each with its own balance.

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