Performer starting on Huel

Hey everyone!

I am a performer and have just started choreography rehearsals for two production shows for a cruise ship.
What this means is that I am sweating and dancing all day (9:30-17:00).

I have struggled and fought with my weight for a very long time… the shallow business I am in means that I’ve lost out on work because of being maybe half a stone too heavy.
So when Huel was suggested to me I basically jumped at the chance.
Today was my first day of Huel and dancing… I have only managed to have one shake all day!! (Three scoops) I think that maybe I will go down to two scoops, maybe I’m not too good at the proportions I need… I am worried about craving in the evenings, as I have the sweetest tooth ever. Also burning out in rehearsals…

My goal is weight loss, I am 5ft 2 and 10 stone. Hoping to get down to 8.
Have done some reading around and hoping I get some positive results like some members of this forum.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring everyone!

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3 scoops for a whole day? That’s no where near enough.

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Good luck! Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

I know this… more to do with how very surprisingly full I was probably coupled with dancing all day. It’s something to work on… although coming back home tonight been home for an hour, had half a shake and I’m full again…

Thanks! Xx

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Careful or you’ll hit starvation, aim for at least 3 x 3 scoop shakes if you can.

I second what GTIPuG said, you’ll need more then that if that’s where the main bulk of your calories are coming from. Just not enough.

I totally understand what you mean with feeling full though, I used to have this problem a while back from a period of undereating, when I started trying to eat more I found it actually quite hard, this has since passed though. I imagine it’s just an adaptation thing. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your weight loss though, (not which you need to lose much!)