Please don't discontinue Banana Flavor for Huel White

It’s the best flavor, it’s my and many other hueligans personal favorite.

That’s all I just think it’s so good you should consider not discontinuing it :slight_smile:

Thank you

what makes you think they are considering it?

On the webpage where you add it to your cart, the text below the flavor it says
Please note: this flavor will be discontinued from 12/06/2022

Only on the gluten-free bags.

Oh – I tried doing that and it doesn’t show that message. Perhaps in GF form it’s just a poor seller but if it is the case, you have a few options. Unless you suffer with a caeliac diagnosis, you could switch to the normal v3 otherwise, you could stock up now as the product will last a long time and/or try switching to the Black version.

Interesting, I think that’s because you and I live in different regions and have slightly different store sites (I live in US). Yeah I need to avoid gluten :frowning: anyways thanks for talking to me about it lol take care

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ah - seems its not just Banana - many of the GF flavours there facing the chop.

That’s correct. In the USA we are delisting a number of Gluten-free flavours of v3.0. This was the email sent to US GF subscribers in July.

image (20)

We love the Banana flavour, this is more to do with GF rather than the flavour Banana. You will still be able to get Banana in v3.0 and Black Edition!

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