Polaris's February Stats

Month 2, the great February!

Alrighty, time to name and shame…myself. February wasn’t a bad month in terms of weight loss (overall net change -4kg) but I did have a struggle along the way which I will explain later.

Here’s February’s Stats

So let’s go over the stats, I maintained roughly the same amount of Huels throughout the month as I did in Jan. I did however eat almost 7,000 calories more than last month which is understandable as there were TEN days where I binged (ate over 2,500 cal), in January I only binged 4 times.

I shouldn’t just include calories consumed, but also calories burned, so now proudly presenting…the BURNED column woop woop!

I burned roughly 85,000 calories in February which is almost 10,000 less than January. Why? Because I didn’t run nearly as much I wanted to. I only ran 19km which is THIRD of what I did in Jan :frowning: But that’s ok because I had a massive blister on my foot for like 10 days and it went all gooey and I… I’ll stop there.

Bottom line after Feb is that I am still losing weight but I need to keep focused on my goal and exercise more and binge less which will result in a much higher loss which was shown in Jan.

Here are Jan’s stats on top of Feb’s Stats for those who want to compare


Don’t forget there where 3 more days in January, which comes pretty close to explaining burning about 10k less in February. Great job again!

One small comment though… Your deficit is quite high on some days, which could very likely explain the urge to overeat on other days. A deficit of 500-1000 is generally what’s recommended for “safe” (read: sustainable) weightloss. I can understand wanting to go faster, but try not to overdo it even if you feel totally fine in the moment.