POLL: Pre-bottled Huel, Yes or No?

Soylent relied on a lot of corn syrup, which increases sugar content, affecting nutrition a fair bit. Feed uses maltose agave which also hugely increases sugar content. I was referring to a bar that has a comparative GI to Huel powder.

EDIT: Damn, should have read my whole post you were referring to. It’s not impossible, though according to a recent Labdoor analysis, even Soylent 2.0 records minimal vitamin C. Whether or not that is an error in their measurements or RF’s production remains to be seen. Regardless, it’s very costly.

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I see what you mean. Yes, I often take a bottle of water out with me in addition to my Huel, and when I’m at home I usually have a glass of water on the go too. You are also right that chewing on a bar is a different experience.


So go ahead and explain, “where you were going” because no one else seems to know

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I just originally meant that if you buy a bar while out you would also need water.

I agree that water is nice in addition to Huel…but it’s not essential. 2,000 calories of Huel will give you over 2.5 litres of water per day if mixed as they recommend.

If I go out for a day with a full day’s worth of Huel, I might take 1 bottle of water too, just to have some water rinse my mouth out after each time I consume the Huel. If I was to spend all day eating bars, I would need to drink a day’s worth of water too, which would mean more bottles of water.

So if I was buying pre-bottled Huel for convenience while out, I would maybe buy the occasional bottle of water too. But if I was just buying Huel bars while out, I would need to buy more bottles of water per the amount of Huel eaten in bar form.

Hopefully this makes things clearer, but if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to post another question.

I still dont understand… this is what you said

“Not quite. If people are going to use bars for convenience when out, they still need to drink something. If those people end up buying bottled water…do you see where I’m going with this?”

What exactly is your point here, “if those people end up buying bottled water”…

What does that mean ?

Who cares if they buy water lol

I do. It is an unnecessary waste.

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If youre and about, say you just went to the cinema, you come out and decide youre thirsty youre not carrying a flask with a ready made drink it are you

If youre out and youre thirsty you buy a drink, if youre out and you buy some food and would like to pick up a drink, go ahead and do that, it isnt unnecessary waste, how else would they get the drink to you dumbass

Read what Marcus said before replying. If you don’t understand it…ask him again…he’s a patient fellow…even if he has a headache from banging his head on the wall.

I mean clearly the process of bottling water and shipping it across the country is hugely wasteful for something you can get out of your tap. Just because you’re out and decide you want a drink doesn’t make that any less wasteful. Are you honestly failing to get that? Think about the energy used and the emissions that come about both forming the water bottle and shipping it, just because you decided you want to drink something whilst out. Seriously, do you genuinely not get this?!


Exactly…not a hard concept is it?

Get a grip people do you not understand the world

There is demand for bottled drinks, billions of bottles are sold yearly

Who cares if it could be deemed as wasteful, guess what, making those bottles, filling them with product, shipping it,stocking it, selling it… that is giving many people jobs and employment so they can feed themselves and their families

We can apply the wasteful arguement to most things if we are pathetic enough to do so

Get off your high horses

Yeah, it’s also contributing a decent amount to global warming and leading to far far bigger problems down the line than a few people losing jobs (which, incidentally, isn’t even true as most of the bottle forming and filling is done by machines). There being a demand does not mean it’s not incredibly wasteful.

You’re clearly not really aware of how the world works if you believe people are pain-stakingly forming and filling these bottles themselves in a completely carbon-neutral way, all so they can pay for food for their family.

Tell me again how you didn’t say people were making the bottles.

Did I say a leading cause? No, I said it was contributing, and with the number of plastic bottles, the effect isn’t small. More to the point though, it doesn’t need to contribute to global warming to be wasteful, because we’re running out of oil required to make plastics. So even if there was no environmental issue, it’s still using up resources for future people, and I personally would rather we didn’t continue to waste what resources we have.

Isn’t it about time someone banned you?


Oh god. You really think something can be justified because it ‘creates jobs’? What a short sighted view…

No, youre short sighted

Providing humans with jobs and ways to make money is the biggest factor in life. Its the only thing that keeps us civilized. Take away the majorities ability to make money and feed themselves and their families lets see how long it takes for everyone to turn into savages

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With robots predicted to take human jobs on mass, I wonder how that will work out?

Blimey! That sparked some debate!!! Personally I think of it like baby milk. When my daughter was having the occasional bottle of formula the pre mixed stuff was great but when I moved her onto more formula it was cheaper to use the powdered stuff! More of a faff yes, but the low cost of huel is a definite bonus for me and not exactly a chore to mix. So I’m team “powder”


I expect the water packers are paid minimum wage too…that’s another great thing about civilisation…those with the most power and wealth ensure the majority struggle…


No as you would lose the ability to customize number of scoops, thickness and additives. Even if it was offered as a sideline how would the final ‘style’ be chosen!?