Poor's Man Huel shake with no sucralose!

100G huel granola
300ML water
300ML milk (I use soy or almonds)

Use blender for 15 seconds or so (depends on your blender). My vitamix really blends it smoothly, texture is like a real shake.

Now you end up with something like the unflavored version but less bitter with touch of sweetness from the maple syrup, it’s really nice. As an added bonus there is no sucralose, for those who don’t like it.

Or just buy the powder.

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Buying the powder is not cost effective for me as buying the granola, considering the shipping costs doubles the price.

On top of that, I really don’t like sucralose . Blending the granola is a nice hack for me.

The Unsweetened Unflavored version of the powder contains no sucralose nor any other sweetener.

Please explain how buying the powder is not cost effective for you compared to buying granola.

Because in my case , to avoid insane shipping rates and customs I need to make orders of less than 5KG & 75$.

So the maximum for me is either 11 granola boxes or 2 bags of huel powders.

11 granola boxes > 2 bags of powder in terms of calories.

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