Porttion Size - How do you know how much your putting in?

I’m new to Huel and finding the varying information on portion size a bit confusing.

The part I struggle with is how are you meant to work out how much to put in your shaker? I thought Huel bags would come with a scooper to help portion it up but it didn’t

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They are meant to come with a scoop. It probably just got missed out of you order (oops). If you ask I’m sure Huel will send you a scoop.

If you’re in a hurry to try it, though, fill half the shaker with water and about a fifth with powder. Keep adding water to taste.

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When you place your first order there is a checkbox on the checkout page. If you tick this you will receive a free t-shirt, free shaker bottle and scoop. None of these are sent with future orders and if you need another scoop you’ll have to request one. This is what is supposed to happen but they may have missed your scoop out.

If you want to be precise then you need to abandon the scoop anyway. Huel is not ground like caster sugar so every scoop does not weigh the same. I am on a calorie controlled diet so I weigh my Huel on scales into 2 containers which I then take to work, 1 for lunch and 1 for 5pm before training. Then in the evening I weigh out 2 more for the following day. I recommend you use a calorie calculator to figure out how many calories you need per day and then something like myfitnesspal to track what you eat.

Just keep the containers out of sunlight/daylight as Huel reacts to light.