Powder v3.0 vs Black Edition

I am trying to decide between the Powder v3.0 and the Black Edition.
I am looking to purchase one that will make me feel as full as possible to prevent myself from feeling hungry so often. Which one does a better job at this?

Hey Kevan, welcome on board! Big decisions ahead, but don’t worry, either is going to be a great choice. From a satiety perspective (the feeling of being ‘full’) Black Edition has a higher amount of protein which can lead to great satiety. Other nutritional info is below if of interest.

I don’t personally find any different in satiety when calories consumed are matched, but that’s just me!

I find the black helps me feel satiated for longer over white

For some reason, I read ‘total fats’ as ‘total farts’


Not only that, but you decided to post and tell us all too…

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