Preparing overnight vs consuming immediately

So my main question is whether the digestibility of Huel is improved by leaving it absorb the water for a few hours vs drinking it immediately?

What have people found with their experience? Do you notice less digestive disturbance with prepared Huel?


Hi Lewis

There is little change in the digestiability fo Huel through leaving it in water

I’ve noticed little to no difference in anything other than taste. You know when people say “Vegan”, do you ever kind of imagine grassy/leafy tastes? When I leave Huel in the fridge overnight, it always tastes of that the next day… I’m not a fan. It tastes almost bitter yet sweet? Bittersweet? Bleugh.

Straight up blend and chug for me.

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I find it much smoother if prepared and left in fridge. Perhaps using iced water to mix would give the same effect.

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I find it tastes much nicer from the fridge the next day, though I can still drink and enjoy it right away.


Nice poem.


Iced water deffo works the same as an overnight chill.

I didn’t realise I was being poetic. But glad you approve.