Prework our boosts

Hi I’ve just bought Huel for the first time and starting to get into the gym aswell I was wondering could you mix like a prework out boost like Grenade whilst taking Huel ?

… Why would you do that?

Keep them separate. Huel will bring down your buzz from the pre workout.

I mean I it worth taking if taking Huel obviously they would be taken well apart from each other I just feel I need a energy boost to go gym at the moment

I’m not sure how your body works, but the best buzz I can get is to have a 1000 calorie breakfast at 6am, 1000 calorie Huel lunch at 10:30am, then a scoop of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard PWO around 16:15 ready for gym at 16:30.

Yes you can safely have a pre-workout Shake such as grenade before your workout and still have Huel at any other time of the day. You can drink both at the same time if you like although I’m not sure why you would
(Not an expert)