Quick question for the everyday Hueligans +bubbles

When you mix the Huel and shake it, do you let it rest for 2-3 minutes in order to remove the bubbles that has it inside or do you drink instantly?

yep - always let it stand for a few minutes.

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Soimetimes, but not always.

Neck it. Sharpish and shake the last few dregs!

Do you feel any difference after it? More or less gasses?

Mine rests overnight in the fridge. I do re-shake to awake before I drink but it kinda settles whilst drinking over the course of a few minutes.

For a non native english speaker this is my reaction. I didnt understand a word


Ooh… I drink it very fast and then give it a shake and drink the rest. Hope this clears thing up. Sorry.


Thanks! I tried to understand your message and more or less I did but was like reading a Harry potter spell


The simplest way for me is to make two drinks at the same time in the high speed blender. It has a 2L jug so usable capacity is about 1.5L - enough to blend two drinks inc.200g of powder well. Most of the air is already ‘forced’ to the top in the blending, so the first tumbler I pour is a lot a frothier and that’s the one that gets sealed and put in the fridge for the next meal. The second one has much less air and is pretty much ready to go out of the jug - as what little air is left mostly goes during the pouring.

This one is a 50/50 UU and Vanilla split with some ginger & red date paste and peanut butter flavour boost.


That recipe with red date paste sounds terrific, Will try it if I find it!

Chinese/SE Asian grocery store is your best bet.