Ready to drink version of Huel


Would you be willing to share some links to studies about the negative health effects? I couldn’t find any but I am interested as I use unfermented soy products every day. From my understanding it’s mostly been debunked. Also they do eat a lot of unfermented soy products like tofu in Asia.

Clinical studies show no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men: results of a meta-analysis

The environmental effects of soy are largely caused by the fact that we feed it to cows instead of eating it ourselves. If we ate the soy bean ourselves

Quote from Guardian
“The first thing I should do is to explain that although Europe imports 39m tonnes of soya a year (imagine it contained in 15 miles’ worth of lorries bumper to bumper), 90% is destined for animal feed. It’s beef rather than veggie burgers that ate all the soybean. Secondly, at least tofu (soybean curd) allows you to source dietary protein directly from a vegetarian food. By contrast it takes 8-16lb of soybeans to produce 1lb of beef, which is spectacularly inefficient. Hardly a snappy riposte, but it should do the job.”


I’ve seen quite a few different articles over a long period of time Nwolc - would definitely refer you to the documentary I mentioned, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead… Without in-depth googling, this is the best summary I can find for you & it refers to individual studies in the text:

I’d imagine there are a lot of studies that say soy is safe, but I would be interested to know who paid for them & whether they have a vested interest in the soy industry… I would suspect they do. But I am very cynical like that!

Looks like I was definitely wrong about the amount of soy consumed in SE Asia though…!

On balance I’d still rather not have soy - but looks as though the evidence against it isn’t as conclusive as I thought… Thank you for picking me up on this!


I’ve been vegan since the 80s when soya was common… There wasn’t much else in UK. I have no qualms about consuming soy although admittedly I don’t much any more apart from a couple of ml in tea a day… And tofu occasionally.

I did watch fat sick and do not remember the anti soy stuff… But I watched it when it first came out. I have the dvd so will try to rewatch… It is a very good doc. As is Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock



Huel is my daily lunch and occasional breakfast on a normal office based day, but I’ll admit to having a shelf full of 500ml Saturo bottles in the fridge that I’ll grab for wedding days. I pop two bottles in a small thermos lunchbox with an ice pack and they’ll be cold all day.

It’s laziness for sure, but I might get two minutes arriving at the church before the bride for example, I can down 500kcals in seconds and be good for the next 4 hours, to be honest it’s as much due to it being very easy and pleasant to drink (all the flavours taste great and it’s really smooth). Huel has been revelatory for me but I simply can’t neck 500kcals quickly even with a perfect mix, the texture just doesn’t allow it for me. It will be interesting to see what mix they come up with as my guess will be that’s it’s going to feel quite different to anything most of us concoct.


Blimey. How many times you been married?


Be careful about one documetary, especially if it’s based on one individual: that’s not science.

I don’t want to put soya in Huel products, but my decision is partly due to the negativity in the market. However, soya is fine.


And the fact it’s a common allergen. If we can minimise allergens in Huel (GF Huel is allergen free) then all the better.


They didn’t have allergens when I was a kid. Once peanuts got in on the act everyone wants in on it… Lactose, mustard, soya… And now even lupin. I know someone with a kiwi fruit allergy…


Rather than a bottle (plastic) why not one of those cartons with the lined inside? or even a sort of squeezy pouch?

I understand it’s probably a nightmare to choose the best way to carry the drink


@TimOfficialHuel, outside of the debate around the worthiness of a Huel RTD… is there any news you can share around progress/dates? Looking at the telegraph yesterday it would appear that a certain US based RTD is about to hit the UK market.


I’m not @TimOfficialHuel, but I’ll chip in.

Progress is great and things are moving forward, but I wouldn’t want to commit to a date as there are a number of variables. We’re taking our time with this product as we want to get it right, and we will.



This sort of packaging would be quite cool.


Mana and Saturo use those, they’re ok but I’d really like to see Huel do something different and offer up a large container… Something like the 1L alpro bottles

Maybe alongside a ‘per meal’ bottle, but I’d much rather have five of these in my fridge than 20 tiny bottles.


If you do a ready to drink version, try a 1,5L version to see if that has success. I would buy it despite I wouldnt drink every day


Potential issue here of it spoiling. These products tend to go weird after more than about 3 days in the fridge, and I would assume a fairly large portion of Huel’s customer base consume 1 or fewer meals per day, so for them a 1.5l container may not be a good choice.


The users that would buy the larger version would consume it in a day, like a milk bottle. The ideal usage time would be a day and a half.

I would have always some RTG Huel if the size is big. If it small could be convenient for some ocassions, but the real business is in the big one


The whole point of rtd is that it is a portion size you can grab and go. While a minority want a massive bottle most just want 400 or 500ml. That’s where the market is. Alpro in a litre isn’t a ready to drink in the way you drink the whole lot in one go… But even they have 250or 500ml cartons for people that want that.


Problem then is it increases SKUs and therefore price for the Huel team.


That is right… But maybe the bigger version becomes the sell point of the company. That could be awesome

Would you buy it in 1 or 1,5 Liters?


I wouldn’t. I would buy it in 500ml…but not regularly. Maybe 20 bottles a year.