Reasons for using Huel

Interested to know why people use Huel, and how many different reasons there are.
Have these reasons stayed the same since you first started using it, or have they changed along the way?
What has influenced your reasons?

Mine are:

  1. It makes it easy for me to keep a healthy nutritious meal routine going, which is usually near impossible to maintain due to my irregular and sometimes long shifts at work.

  2. It is absolutely fantastic for helping me reduce my weight and flab. Before using Huel I was really struggling with my weight. Now I’m close to my optimum weight, and it’s easy to manage it.

  3. This is a new reason I realised recently. Since using Huel, I’ve become a LOT more energetic and am a lot more active. I feel much healthier in general and have drastically improved my fitness levels. I want to keep this going.

  1. Convenience - having Huel for breakfast and lunch (typically at work, but also when I’m working from home) is much more convenient than going out to buy a meal deal or preparing something in advance.

  2. Cost - a single Huel is cheaper than a meal deal, Subway, KFC, or ready meal.

  3. Weight loss - with Huel I get about 350 - 500 calories (depending on how hungry I am) and I can be 95% certain it will fill me up until my next meal. I can have a 550 sandwich, crisps and a drink from Tesco and I’d probably be hungry a couple of hours later. Once I reach my target weight, Huel will help with maintaining it.

For me, my general health wasn’t a reason for using it, but I am happy knowing I’m getting a better blend of what’s good for me from Huel compared to what I was probably getting beforehand.

I think my skin has improved, I rarely get a painful bloat from overeating, and I do have more energy - I’ve started getting up earlier, going to the gym or running to work without much issue, and don’t ‘dip’ in the afternoon. Whether this is attributable to Huel or just a coincidence I don’t know. I suspect a bit of a mixture of both, but either way, it works for me and I’m happy.


I started with Joylent then switched to Huel. Main reason for that was speed of delivery and the recipes at the time.

But to begin with… I cook awesome food and I love cooking it - but I just got sick of doing it for myself all the time and, honestly, I just wanted at least something from the futurism promised during my youth to be real.

It was a powder instead of a pill, but it was something and I was super into it. Then I realised it’s just food and stayed with it.

My diet was pretty good before. I didn’t need to lose or gain weight, eat more or less macro/micros, but I’m happy that my diet is properly consistent all the time now.


I hear ya! Think we’ve said it before. :smiley:


In order of importance;

  1. nutrition - it is more balanced than a packed lunch would be

  2. convenience - it saves me preparing a packed lunch each morning

  3. ease of tracking calories - this was my number one reason at first, but i’ve now returned to a normal weight and it’s less of a concern

  4. cost - it is cheaper than a meal deal, and probably slightly cheaper than a packed lunch from home too.

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  1. Convenience - I don’t like cooking
  2. Cost - I’m poor
  3. Nutrition - keeps the scurvy away

The main reason I like looking at the forum is I don’t know anyone who uses huel so it feels a bit lonely and hard to stay motivated to keep using. It’s nice to know if I have any problems/concerns/questions there’s people here who have been using for years and are happy to give some advice.
It’s nice to know I’m not the only freak wanting an efficient diet.


Put simply - time saving, easy to count calories, less thinking about what to eat, getting some nutrition in without having to plan out what I need for a good meal. And it tastes good too (well, the chocolate Flavour anyway! I find myself craving Huel if I don’t have it some days)


Health and whight loss . I’m sick and most foods make me feel sick or wery tired and sleepy.I tend to over eat. I end up being a vegan but I can’t get all the nutrition from it. But this made my day I feel better on the shakes. To Huel Thank you :blush:

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Just easy in my work environment, like that it’s eco and animal friendly, no need to put mental energy deciding what to eat and then anyway eating sandwiches or stuff from the cafeteria, which can get boring, not nutritionally complete and as for the cafeteria expensive.

Started out on this wanting to lose some weight and opted for this as it’s easy to track calories, but due to health (mental and physical) bumps in the road the last months, that part of the plan didn’t work out until now. Sticking to Huel for other reasons though.

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  1. Curiosity, as I like all future stuff
  2. More time available (still figuring out what can I do in my extra free hours)
  3. Reasonably affordable as I need around 1.000 kcal per day (1.500 kcal for me daily -500ish for weight loss), otherwise I would think twice about the price as I’m living in Croatia
  4. As for nutrition, I had a balanced diet before so no problems with that
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My reason for starting Huel was that I was vegetarian (now vegan) and have to travel a lot for work to places where vegetarian/vegan food is not always available. Even when it is I don’t like eating out at restaurants every night because you get FAT. I much prefer to have a Huel with a known number of calories and is also nutritionally complete.

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Started as I had to go through a crash weight loss in order to be healthy enough to cope with extensive surgeries and needed a convenient solution to get good balanced nutrition. The majority of outlets where I live (Malaysia) sell food that is basically stacked with MSG, salt, lard, all of the above) and buying healthy food usually means imported = hideously expensive.

Crash weight loss was achieved and didn’t die which was a bonus, but by that point I had basically adopted the whole clean eating thing as a lifestyle rather than a necessity. Weight loss has continued, general health constantly improving and I can buy clothes now in ‘regular’ shops. Again this is Asia, so without wanting to sound to stereotypical – big and tall clothes are almost none existent. Don’t get me started on the shoes.

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