Referral Code Troubles = Sad Me

Hi there, I’m really desperate to try Huel but the initial outlay of £ scares me! Just in case I don’t really like it! I seen a discount code posted on forum and have tried to apply it (£10 off).
The confirmation came through on my email but it won’t let me use it. It’s asking for further details which I don’t have.
I tried to use another code which a lady had left (along with her name), but because I had already ‘submitted’ one code it won’t let me use another. Anyone give any advice here? Thank you in advance x

Maybe start again. Do you have more than one email address? If so, use a different email and create a new account.
And / or open the website in a new browser (close it and reopen), check there’s nothing in your basket to start with (so you know it’s not reopened previous window). Select your two bags, go to check out, enter your code… it should work… no one I’ve ever referred has had a problem.
What reason did it give for not letting you use the code?

No problem. We have systems set up to try and ensure referrals are genuine and not taken from a forum. If you now have a genuine code drop an email to: and the Customer Experience team will help you out.