Relationship between GI and "Gluten Free"

Although this question is not about Huel, this forum is full of very knowledgeable people whose brains I would like to pick.

I was in a bakers yesterday and I asked if they did any GF batches for my partner who has celiac disease. They said they have this “low GI” bread which customers who say they have celiac disease eat and say they are fine with it. That threw me off guard a bit as making a food with a low GI score doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain Gluten. They gave it me free for her to try anyway so I took it. She ate it last night and said it was amazing so she was pretty certain it wasn’t 100% GF. She did report mild discomfort afterwards but not as much as it would have been with a regular batch.

Looking on the bakers website, it says the following about this “low GI bread”:

Speciality Low GI Breads for people with Gluten Intolerances.

Multiseed Bread is a delicious combination of pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds, combined with wheat bran and oat flakes to give an extra special tasty, darker style bread with extra bite and a coarse, open texture. Multiseed has the added benefit of being low in saturated fat, and is a good source of fibre, B vitamins ,calcium and iron . But, more importantly, it tastes great and is handmade and baked by our craft bakers.

The learn more link takes you to this website - Multiseed Bread by Bakels - Wholesome low GI bread

So I would like to ask the good people of this forum for assistance in understanding what witchcraft is going on here. I take it this bread is not GF as they don’t actually mention GF, but is a low Gluten bread which has a low GI score? Does the low GI score actually mean anything when referring to Gluten as an ingredient?

Come on @Dan_Huel @Phil_C

There are high-carb products that are gluten-free. Glutein is no carbohydrate, but a certain type of protein, occuring in certain high-carb foods (but not all of them).

Low-carb products are not based on grains and therefore are gluten-free, so maybe it helps to use some low carb food - which is not the same as low-Gi…

I was waiting to have a chat with James to get his thoughts.

For me, this seems like really odd and damaging marketing spin. I’ve never heard of low GI bread being any better than high GI for a person with coeliac disease. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the gluten content which the GI value has no relevance to.

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