Returning Hueligan

Hi all

I used to have a subscription to Huel Black Edition a year ago and enjoyed the benefits of those shakes.

Today I’ve discovered the hot and savoury range, and oh my goodness there is no going back now. I’m at the end of day 2 and just finished a packet of Sweet and Sour. Not only does it taste great (a bit like a pot noodle or mug shot) but it keeps the cravings away!

Currently consuming with the intent of weight loss and started with 4 meals a day (1600kcals) to see how I go.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to shake meals again :joy:



Just be mindful James that fully going with H&S of your fats and salt intake. H&S like RTD is kind of more like an occasional convenience/comfort food. If you have 4 H&S meals a day - you’re still consuming 140% of your recommended daily saturated fat intake for example.

This isn’t quite right. The flavours differ e.g. 2000kcal of Sweet and Sour = 60% of saturated fat RI.


thanks Dan