Returning, with discipline

So I am returning to Huel.

I haven’t used huel in years! On my fist occasion of using Huel, I was training here and there, hitting the gym for maintenance then chugging down the Huel as a post workout shake it breakfast.

Although it was goid, I had no real need for it and certainly didn’t have the desire I have now to be healthy.

Since I last used huel, I had a daughter, and I began competing in body building shows. Which developed my discipline.

I became much busier with work and family which I was manageing fine but food took a hit.

Since lockdown I’ve had a lack of appetite, I find it hard to eat knowing I’ve not moved all day. Not lifted anything.

I decided it’s time for a change so he’s the starting point


Wow, that’s a lot of life changes these past years, no wonder nutrition took a backseat place! Good luck incorporating Huel into your new life, I think it will be a good fit. What’s your plan to start up?

Congratulations on your daughter, wonderful news! Keep us posted on how you are finding Huel this time round and let us know if you need any tips!