Room for one more?

Hi, I am a new Hueligan as of today.

I’ve decided that as of today I shall be doing Huel shakes for breakfast and H&S for lunch, with a sensible meal in the evening. Still undecided about weekends as I tend to only have two meals a day on the weekend.

Prior to lockdown I was cycling to/from work or going for walks during my lunch hour, but that ground to a halt during lockdown. I took up C25K and completed it last June. Then I just stopped going out altogether and it’s led to me gaining weight. Now I have decided that enough is enough, so I am restarting C25K (running first thing in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with the weekend as optional for cycling.

I’ve only tried the H&S Mexican Chilli so far and that was delicious. I look forward to to trying the mint chocolate and the coffee flavoured shakes as of tomorrow.

I’ve been lurking in the forum for a couple of days and reading through the posts, but since I am finally on board I wanted to say hi. You all seem very kind and friendly on here.


Lol depends how you read this :laughing: Hi and welcome to the forum :wave:

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I’d be careful with the coffee flavour - I ordered it expecting espresso but it has a really unusual taste not like coffee, it could be a bad batch but just a heads up; all the over flavours I’ve tried are really nice (I have vanilla, coffee and banana powders) I’ve tried most of the samples as well (apple cinnamon is really nice, along with berry)

Although one thing I’d suggest, don’t dive straight in to 2/3 huels a day, the fiber content was a big adjustment to my previous diet so as you can imagine it didn’t agree with me, however this has subsided on day 3.

I see you’re interested in Mint Chocolate, I prefer my Huel refrigerated (I put it in my mini fridge before bed); the mint huel adds the extra coolness which I really like so I think you’ll like that one - as for H&S, I’ve got Mexican Chilli, Madras and Thai Green Curry - I can’t say I’m a massive fan of TGC, Madras is okay but Mexican Chilli is god tier. I’ve adjusted my subscription to include Sweet n’ Sour and Tomato & Herb instead of Madras/TGC - but I know there’s a lot of people here who share a completely opposite opinion.

Generally speaking, before Huel I was eating at most twice a day; and due to where I work - my evening meal was often fast food (it’s free!) however I am now having Huel for breakfast, H&S for lunch, and another H&S/main meal for dinner and am enjoying it so far.

I’m new to Huel myself (only on my 5th day) so any questions you can ask away :smiley:

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Thanks for the tips. :blush:

My diet prior to today is pretty high fibre content, but I shall see how it goes and maybe alternate once and twice a day if I experience any stomach issues.

Mint chocolate is one of my favourites, I hope you like it! That one is especially nice blended with ice. Mexican chilli is really good too, I like to leave it a bit longer than recommended so it goes extra thick.

Two huels every day with a normal dinner is more or less what I do. Sometimes I have an extra Huel at dinner if I can’t be bothered to cook. I think the longer you do it the more you figure out what works for you.

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Hey, I’ve just started too. I’m glad you liked the Mexican chilli I think i’ll try the H&S on my next order, so far i’ve had the berry shake (got mint choc too) and used milk instead of water, it was nice and i was surprised how full it kept me just had to account for the extra milk calories. Tomorrow I’ll be having it as breakfast and lunch with a sensible evening meal as you are. As for the weekends i think i’m just going to eat healthy “normal” foods and see how i get on. I hope your journey goes well for you.

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Thanks for the welcoming messages.

Day 2 and I had mint chocolate shake for breakfast and Thai Green curry for lunch. Very impressed with the flavours of both. Having not tried the powder before this morning, I felt like I was having a lovely malty milkshake as a reward for this morning’s run.

I am very pleased that I did not get hunger pangs during the day (though I have been clock watching).

I’ll not be posting every day as that would be boring, but I am wondering where I will be come April, as I’m hoping to have finished C25K and be running 5km three times a week, and to have become a fully-fledged Hueligan by then