Sailor in need of a better diet!

Hi all,

Working and living on a ship and more importantly eating is like visiting an All-you-can-eat buffet everyday for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Now to most people working ashore that sounds great but the temptation to edge away from the salad options and go for a nice portion of greasy chips is overwhelming!
Seafarers health is becoming more focused nowadays and company’s like mine is now keeping track of our health by an external company.
After my weigh in with this external company, I was not drastically overweight but I did find that I had a moderate to high Visceral fat. If you don’t know what visceral fat is, it is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. I knew I had to get myself healthy but it is always easier said than done!
So a couple of months later… my uncle introduced me to Huel, which I have now been having one shake a day since last Friday.
My energy levels have increased dramatically, notably in the evenings when I would typically fall asleep watching a film. Now I am on the ship and working nights, I have tried one (3 scoop Berry) when I woke up this afternoon and one (3scoop Berry) for my ‘lunch’ meal.
I have also set myself goals to be able to complete the British Army fitness tests and have already commenced with running the 1.5 miles in the set times. I need to focus on more weight training and will use Huel to help keep the required nutrition levels up.
Will let you all know how I progress by way of further posts and when I can find my print out from my weigh in will post the details on here.

Thanks for reading my post and if you haven’t tried Huel and would like to give it a try at no great expense, you can save £10 off your first purchase by clicking my referral link below.


Hahaha, love the username.

Really interesting read - Easy to forget that you folk are out there on the seas while we sit kushy on shore.

Sorry to probe, but could you share more details on the buffet on board? I’ve been on quite a few cruises and know the jam with fantastic buffets at sea. Is it similar to cruise buffets?

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Glad it’s working out for you mate

Cheers GTIPug.
Well the food selection isn’t up to a typical passenger cruise ship selection but typically have a couple of options for lunch and dinner, and you can keep going up until your ready to burst! Breakfast I could have a full English every morning if I wanted too… So hopefully Huel will continue to reduce the cravings for all the bad and just supplemented with the healthy choices for dinner.

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Cheers Ryan T, let’s hope it continues to work out!

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I work 8 weeks on 8 weeks off on cable laying ships and completely understand where you’re coming from! I always seem to choose the chips and unhealthy options at the buffet. I also go for the full english breakfast every morning and find the breakfast gradually gets bigger and bigger as the trip goes on :joy: . We do have all the fruit and veg imaginable though, available 24/7 in the fridge and nicely prepared by the stewards, but when there’s options like chips for every meal every day I always go for that instead. I’m tempted to take a suitcase full of Huel away with me for my next trip