Salty pretzel flavour ideas

I had an idea to make a salty pretzel flavour huel but I am a bit stuck.

So far its something like:

  • U/U huel or original huel or maybe even vanilla huel
  • dark brown muscovado sugar
  • bagel salt
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • Almond milk unsweetened

Anyone have any ideas?
The taste should be like you just swallowed a fresh tasty pretzel, what gives a pretzel its taste of pretzelness? I wonder.

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I think it’s the bicarbonate of soda.

There are plenty of recipes on the internet, like this one…just replace flour with Huel UU:


I haven’t eaten many pretzels in my time, so won’t be much good. But I wonder how you could replicate the bread flavour. Perhaps some sort of yeast extract in small quantities? How is your current concoction coming along?

They don’t really taste like bread tho…they are a bit malty, a bit salty and have another flavour that I can’t really put my finger (or tongue) on. Apparently you need to add caustic soda (food grade not the stuff you clean your drains or dissolve a body in) to get that flavour.