Savoury & Powder

Hi there,
I just received my savoury pack and I loved it. For the past two years I’ve been on huel powder so I stopped eating daily food, I usually have a meal on Sunday that’s my cheat day.
Now with the savoury how do I do it? Is it a snack?
In the morning I don’t have breakfast so every day for lunch is huel (1.5 scoops) and dinner is huel (1.5 scoops). At night sometimes I feel hungry after I have huel so I would have some veggies (tomatoes and cucumbers). So the question is - at night do I have cravings because I’m still hungry or just because I trained my body to consume more food?
The other thing is next year I’m running a 100KM ultra marathon from London to Brighton, I assume I will keep using huel and will need to go back to 2 scoops?

Thank you

It’s food! Just like your Huel Powder you’ve been having for years! It’s just another option. I’m having 2 scoops of Hot & Savoury daily for lunch, this feels most logical for me. But 1 scoop is 200kcal and would be a good snack too.

If you aren’t having breakfast, that’s 600kcal, you must be having more than just some more veggies in the evening? It just seems like a very low amount of calories. Could you head here and let us know what it says - if you’re ok with that of course!

Sounds exciting! But yes you will require more than 800kcal for the whole day of an ultra marathon. I ran a trail marathon (not ultra) and ate about 1000kcal+ during the run. Let alone breakfast and dinner. When is it? Good luck!

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okay got it so basically I can play with powder and savory not to have powder every day. Got it. Thank you Tim

The problem is I do have more - I might have tomatoes, or a plain wrap with sun dried tomato.
The results are:
2,705 calories / per day to maintain weight - 2,455 mild weight loss, 2,205 for weight loss and 1,705 for extreme weight loss - so I guess I will aim for 2,000 per day.
That means I need to put two scoops of huel then

Well on the day surely yes I will need more and have huel prepared plus snacks during the run as it’s around 14 hours of running. :grinning: that’s awesome Tim, are you just on huel or do you consume other type of huel as well? Wel done on the trail marathon! That’s amazing. It’s on 29th of May 2021 - you can join :slight_smile: