Scope shape

Hi, Just some feedback… The latest V3 scope is tapered to have a wider top, however this make it virtually impossible to pour the powder into a blender without spilling it! The previous V3 one that was straight was slightly smaller at the top and this meant it was much easier to pour powder into the blender (which has a smaller neck than the Huel Shaker). Is there any way to get a couple more of the older shaped 50g scopes please?

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Scoopgate #17

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No, it’s scopegate #1


Thanks for the feedback, sorry you’re not loving the latest scoops. However, on a similar point we had some saying non tapered sides was difficult to get the powder out without making a mess because you had to shake it out if it got stuck, then it would all fall in the water at once and splash.

We are looking at revamping the scoops, but I think we will be sticking to a conical frustum design.

Thanks for the feedback. Guess I will need to get a bigger blender! :slight_smile:

Or a cheap funnel could solve everything.

I weigh on a set of kitchen scales so don’t require use of the scoop as a measure so I often use a tablespoon if it is closer to hand than a scoop. Works for me but I’ve never had an issue with a scoop either.
I have used Form Nutrition protein powder (which is really good by the way) before and they don’t supply a scoop and say their 40g serving equates to 2 tablespoons instead.
I would happily measure out my Huel this way as I often do anyway.