Sell Huel in café?


Hey, I’ve been drinking Huel once a day for a month now and I find it’s a really good addition to a vegan diet. I’ve also just started working in a café and thought it might be a good idea if we were to sell Huel to customers, blended up with different flavours and perhaps experiment with some of the baking recipes.

I’m just wondering, first of all whether this would be legal, second of all if you think it would be a good idea and thirdly if anyone has done this before? Perhaps Huel might like this brand promotion and send us some samples to entice customers to try it?

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Love the idea! Perhaps we could start in your cafe?! We are certainly looking at many offline options, but currently focusing our efforts with online sales. My first thought with selling in cafes would be how we would make the Huel? I’m thinking a great big Slushie machine, but would it be enough to make Huel smooth?


Hi Tim,

Awesome! Thanks for the reply.

At home I blend up a couple of scoops of huel with a banana using a small blender. It only takes a couple of minutes so I reckon that would be feasible. The slushy machine idea could be good for keeping it cold as like a Huel smoothie.

I’m yet to ask my manager about the idea, but could you offer anything that might entice her to give it a go?




Hi Tim,

Just wondering if you got my message.

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Sure did. As I said we’re just focusing our efforts to online marketing at the moment, but I love the idea of just blending it behind the counter like many coffee shops do with other smoothies - nice and simple! At the moment we aren’t pursuing this option, however do drop me a DM with your coffee shop details and we will consider it in the future :slight_smile:


Imagine a day when you could nip into any cafe ‘Starbucks’ or whatever and buy a Huel!!!
I spent so long wandering in Manchester Airport waiting for my flight, hunting Vegan food and eventually bought the one and only Vegan sandwich in Boots. I’d soooooo have loved a Huel but it was all packed in my suitcase … so I say, great idea :clap::clap::clap: