Selling Full Unopened/sealed Box Huel Professional (1 months supply)

Hi Everyone,

Sadly my body no longer ‘agrees’ with Huel, which makes me sad as I really did enjoy the convenience and rock hard abs… :frowning:

Due to my unorganized self I have a full unopened/sealed box huel professional (1 months supply) in vanilla flavor due to the auto subscription which I forgot to cancel!

It’s normally £150 but I’m selling it for £115 with free UPS delivery to the UK only. I will send you the tracking information and it should be delivered next day.



Oh damn, if I stop eating Huel will my muscles lose hardness???

I’ve been sold a lie.


It’s a cruel…cruel world…

What do you mean your body doesn’t agree with Huel anymore. What happened ?

Did you grow man boobs? Or Vulcan ears?