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Yes. We are going to see Nick Cave a few days later then…3rd Nov.

Primal Scream are supporting Alice Cooper. I like them too.

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Got my dates wrong, It’s Nov 2nd in Leeds for Nick Cave. October 18th for Alice Cooper, also in Leeds.
Never listened to Nick Cave, my brother in law has booked the tickets so hopefully in for a good surprise. Any recommendations for something of his to listen to?

Not the new album. It is shocking in my opinion but maybe because it is so different.
No More Shall We Part is a great album
Murder ballads is interesting as it features guest vocalists PJ Harvey, Shane McGowan and Kylie. And Stagger Lee is amazing played live. Not sure if he will do it this year but if he does. I saw him do it at Glastonbury a few years ago. It is here:

The boatman’s call has my wife’s favourite nick cave song…into my arms. We had it played at our wedding.

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How much grip do you need to handle 50g cup?

Grooves are not just useless, but actively affecting user experience. I didn’t mention it in my orignal post, but I fully agree with rpb and Colin (I also keep them inside the pouch)

I need all the grip I can get.