Shipping issue


I recently bought my first batch, and am waiting for it to be shipped out. After reading around on this forum, I am excited to try Huel. If I like the product, I can see myself being a loyal and regular customer.

Firstly, I’d like to say I don’t want readers of this post to read it as a complaint, but rather constructive criticism.

I recently paid for 2 bags to try. I’m an expatriate living in an Asian country where the official language is Chinese. I am an idiot, and used the Chinese address for my shipment, thinking that it wouldn’t get lost once in this country. Understandably, this led to issues with shipping from the fulfillment center.

I think a timeline would make better sense here:

  • Nov 12 9:15 UTC: order purchased
  • Nov 13 11:15 UTC: contacted customer support - they said they’d update me as to why my package was not shipped
  • Nov 13 15:57 UTC: Customer support says order was placed too late to be shipped, and would be shipped shortly
  • Nov 14 13:04 UTC: No notification of shipment, contacted customer support for update
  • Nov 14 15:55 UTC: New customer support person (appears to be a manager by their signature) told me the Chinese address is the cause of the problem. They need an English address.
  • Nov 14 16:32 UTC: I send an English address.
  • Nov 15 11:03: my Zendesk ticket was updated. the only change that I can see is that the ticket was updated and the new “owner” is the previously mentioned (supposedly) manager.
  • Nov 15 20:50 UTC: no update / package shipped notice

I placed an order during regular working hours on Nov 12. Nobody contacted me about an issue with my shipping address (which I maintain is my fault, of course). A day later, I contacted customer support. They tell me no problem, shipment is forthcoming. A day later, I contact support again 2 days after my order was placed, and this is the first time I was told there was a problem. I sent a valid English address, and then nothing. Now, Friday’s “business hours” have come and gone, and still nothing. The site says shipments can take 3-5 business days. This leads me to believe that the fulfillment center doesn’t work on weekends. Assuming this is the case, this means my order will ship a full 6 days after I placed it.

Again, I recognize this hiccup was caused by my non-English address. But the issue is that this hiccup caused a cascade of delays. I don’t think this should be the case.

So, constructive criticisms:

  • Once the fulfillment center sees an issue, the customer should be notified somehow. The customer shouldn’t have to check in on an order.
  • If there is a problem with an order, and the customer inquires about it, they shouldn’t be told there is no problem.
  • In my case, an English address was provided, and there has been no response or shipment within 24 hours. There should be a better turnaround than this.

Again^3 I know this issue was initially caused by my foolishness. How could I expect post in the UK to read Chinese? So, my mistake is what caused a delay, but I would expect this kind of problem to be resolved more quickly. If I’m right about fulfillment taking the weekend off, that would mean an issue that could have been solved in a day or two will end up taking up to six or more days. At the very least, the order should have shipped today, but as far as I can tell, it hasn’t.

And, I’ll share why this bothers me so much here. I’m new to this country (not Asia, just this country). I’ve never had a package sent here. I don’t know if the package will arrive without issues here. Additionally, I have to pay about 13% in fees for currency conversion and an international payment. A little TMI, but this order is about 7% of my monthly salary. A good salary here, but still it bothers me.

Regardless, I hope everyone is well, and I hope I can join the Hueligans as soon as I can receive packages reliably!