Shipping to KY

Hiya Team, a Hueler here preparing for Brexit and going off UK to KY (Cayman Islands) in a few months!!!.

How much does the delivery cost, will I have to pay for extra duty taxes? And how long does the delivery take to reach Cayman Brac.

Is it better to ship to USA using a service like ?

Many thanks!

Moving to the Cayman Islands?! :palm_tree::sun_with_face::tropical_drink: Good for you!

We’ll still be able to get Huel out to you. Can’t be sure of duty taxes though, perhaps someone here has a website that can work them out for you.

Hope this helps you out!

Thank you!, Shall I order from Huel UK or Huel USA? Any advantages / disadvantages?.

Probably from USA it will arrive faster.

Many thanks.