Shocking support

Looking for some feedback on Huels support team.
Been using Huel coming up to 2 years soon and been a massive supporter of the product, telling everyone I can to try it, wearing their shirts etc…
Had previously not had many needs to contact the team but when I did they were lovely to deal with.
However, ordered the RTD on day one and had a VERY bad case of food poisoning and contacted support as I felt for a supplier of food products it is a very important to know/investigate.
That was almost 3 weeks ago now and despite chasing about 4 times I have had Zero feedback…
I have dozens of very expensive RTD bottles sat here unopened awaiting some feedback, you would think the least I could expect would be a brief email saying they are looking into it…

Bizarrely I even got an automated email asking how their support had performed… again no response to my comments in that either…

Anyone else had any experience, is there any other way of getting in contact?

@Tim_Huel can probably show you in the right direction on this matter

Very slow for me on the US side.

Hey there, sorry for missing this yesterday. That sounds really bizarre and either we aren’t receiving your emails you didn’t receive our reply. I’ll check out with the team.

As far as I know, we’ve had no reports of food poisoning since RTD release. I’m confident this is unrelated. However it’s worth investigating.

Thanks for raising.

Update: @Withergy, is the email address you use here on the forum, is that the same one with which you emailed us on? We currently don’t have any emails from that address. Which address did you email on?

Hi Tim, thanks for the reply, yes same email address. I got a single reply when I first emailed so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have got any further, I even copied in the ‘team@‘ email address to one reply, nothing from that either…

Hi Tim, any suggestions??
Got an email asking how my support request went so you guys clearly got it…
Request #17323

Got this one now thanks for the interaction number, sorry for the delay here. We were waiting on a response from James, our nutritionist. I’ve raised it with him now to respond.

Hi Tim,
Now been around 5 weeks! Still no response from anyone!

Worst customer service I have had in years and considering the fact my early experiences of your customer service were so wonderful I would seriously consider getting someone to look into what has gone wrong!

Please can you request someone reply back to me within the next few days, as I said previously I would be happier even if they don’t have any answers, at least let me know you are looking into it…


Did you ever try RTD again?

Edit: or get symptoms again? Not on RTD I mean

Tagging @Olivia_Huel @JamesCollier cos Tim is probably in the bar apres ski.

Thanks, @hunzas

Hi @Withergy - I’ll raise this with my colleagues and we’ll revert.

@Withergy - we’ve found the correspondence chain. It looks like you were in contact with me in early January, but it doesn’t seem there’s been a follow up with you since. This isn’t good enough and I completely get why you’re annoyed.

We are absolutely addressing this now. You’ll hear from us the latest Monday.

Thanks James, appreciate the comment and look forward to a response.

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Promoting Huel for alcoholic beverages ?

Wait… that doesn’t even really sound that bad… :sunglasses:

G&T flavoured Huel? Hmmm…

Hi @Withergy - I realise this has still not resolved for you. My sincere apologies, the person who was dealing with it has been tied up. I’m in the office tomorrow myself so I’ll personally get a resolution.

That’s a good way of dealing with them… then put them into a dark cold dungeon until they pull their socks up. Or waterboard them.

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Haha, just what I was thinking…and a bit more :grin:

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@Withergy - one of my colleagues said he emailed you last night and we’ll be dealing with. Hopefully, he can sort your issues, but anything else, please contact me directly on and I’ll look into it.