Side Effects CURE

ok, so this stuff was recommended to me by a friend. its fossilized alga. it kills parasites. if you get a food grade one then it is safe to consume.

it works.

i had reflux and bloatedness due to years ago mixing medication with cider. the last years to stop the reflux ive been on: medication that blocked nutrients being absorbed in the gut, then baking soda instead, then healing crystal elixirs. they worked in different ways, the best being the elixirs.

now diatomaceous earth, it detoxes and clears out the parasites that cause it in the first place, so its been only two days, im going on it for a course of a week and i can tell its working.

so for anyone that has side effects when consuming huel; CONSIDER THIS:

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)

Iā€™d advise anyone who suspects having parasites to go see a doctor.

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a doctor put me on nutrition blocking medication.

parasites arent necessarily tapeworms, parasites and the like are what cause bad gut health. in a microscopic level.