Six Pack?


New to Huel, but loving the experience so far.

My main fitness/health goal right now is to get a six pack (very superficial I know, but summer’s coming!)… but from the reading I’ve done Huel can in theory help with that, especially in terms of it being so easy to track calories (whilst knowing you’re getting the right nutrients). However, I am struggling to find anyone reporting getting a six pack with Huel, and just wanted to confirm I’m on the right lines…

Would I be correct in assuming that I will achieve my goal if:

  • I consume less calories than I burn (~80% of my calories each day will be Huel, the rest from whole foods)
  • I workout my abs (and do some general light cardio + weight training).

Is there anything else I’m missing here? Scientifically speaking I’m struggling to see what else would be needed, and yet it feels like this sounds too easy and everyone would be walking around with a six pack if it were true.

I am fairly slim/skinny as it is. I have no idea of bodyfat percentage, but can currently can see an outline of abs from tensing. :joy:

I realise this is a slightly silly question, but any help would be really appreciated. Cheers!

I eat Huel for 100% of my calories, and yes I have a 6-pack at <10% body fat.

I did not do any specific abs training, just lifting weights a few days a week + some accessory exercises, and using a jump-rope for cardio every day, and riding a bike to work every day.


Having a six-pack is simple really (simple not easy :laughing:).
It simply is:

  1. well defined ab muscles
  2. very low body fat so you can see the muscles!

Basically, you need a good weight lifting schedule + structured recovery time + good nutrition (to include plenty good quality protein post-workout) + calorie counting

Huel can definitely help with the nutrition part of this goal

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If you’re already small/skinny fat I wouldn’t really bother with a six pack. A six pack will only look good on you if you have a reasonable amount of mass elsewhere.

If the rest of your body is lacking muscle mass, you’ll just look malnourished when you cut to sub 15% BF.

It’s a tricky one though as you’re not really going to gain much muscle mass without a caloric surplus, especially not in a deficit.

I’d also ensure you include compound movements that hit abs in your routine, that’s when I really started noticing a difference. Front squats, correct form deadlifts. With enough front squats you’ll really feel it in your abs afterwards.


:fist: preeeach

Good point. I’m by no means super skinny and do have some muscle mass, but I completely agree I could definitely do with a little more to ensure I avoid that awkward skinny six pack look.

My issue - which you touched on too - is it seems paradoxical to be getting bigger and stronger (calorie surplus) whilst simultaneously losing bodyfat (calorie deficit).

Would your recommendation then be to try and get calories consumed to = calories burnt, whilst combining that with compound movements several times a week? Although even that sounds a little difficult as although with Huel I can closely monitor my intake, I have no idea how much I’d be burning from squats and deadlifts etc.

I have no interest in trying to get a bodybuilder physique, but I would like visible abs with reasonable size matching muscles. At the moment I’m stuck halfway between both. I’m willing to put in the work, but I’m just slightly confused on the best way to achieve these seemingly-conflicting results.

Thanks a lot for all the fast replies!

You need to work out your TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure) and then add on 250-500 calories on top of that to put on muscle mass when combined with strength training.

You want to lose body fat at the same time and build muscle, which is certainly possible but it will take far longer. You would need to eat slightly below your TDEE (250 Calories under) and keep protein intake very high.

Most bodybuilders do phases of putting on mass and then cutting away the fat as its much easier.