Small gestures to long time subscribers

EDIT1: Perhaps I should’ve started with this. They might already get this benefits, I could be wrong. This is IF they dont.

First of, let me start the topic by saying I am not one of them, but I am sure there are plenty on this sub.

With the release of the new RTD the issue about samples resurfaced. The fact that you had to buy at least 12 bottles of a single flavour, and 24 if you wanted to buy both (as well as a significant £ commitment).

I was thinking that perhaps when brand new products are released (not in a while, most likely), Huel could provide with some samples to long time subscribers for free in with their subscription. Like in this case 2 bottles (one flavour each). Or a brand new v3.0 bar to those who don’t have it in their orders.

I understand that this might be too ambitious, but would encourage old users to try the new products and perhaps buy them too.


How do you know ‘old users’ don’t order new products as they come along?

I don’t see any comments on the forums. That is all I know, but I could be 100% wrong.

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Just joking :grin: It sounds like a good idea.


If Huel provided a bottle or two with my subscription then I may be persuaded to add on some in the next order. I do enjoy ‘special treatment’ even if it is a small gesture.

Given then I’ve spent a couple thousand pound on Huel over the last couple years I kind of expect it even though I know it’s not something I should expect.

Don’t get me wrong though, the team are absolutely amazing people and do their jobs wonderfully so props to them.


Completely agree. For heavy usage customers, it would have been a great gestures to receive a pack with just 1 bottle of each flavour.

Love the idea. What we would probably do is either a) do a promotion when all Powder orders get a free RTD. Or b) add an option at checkout to add a single RTD to your existing order for a small amount.

I’ll pass it on.


Promotionally it’s be good if you included one bar or one drink with orders where they have never ordered one to try. But maybe have option to not recieve a freebie for those who don’t want.

I love free stuff as much as the next person, but I would deffo be in favour of being able to purchase single bars or bottles of RTD to try, it’s just too big of a commitment to place a full order of both without knowing what they are like… With the powder I took the gamble cos there’s a lot you can do with it to make it taste differently, so you can change it quite drastically if you really can’t handle the taste… The RTDs & the bars, not so much & I think they are pretty expensive compared to the powder.

Just my 2p worth!


Maybe offer a starter pack, with some of each product.
Some others do this as well.
Still an investment, but can try everything a bit instead of a big investment for each separate product.

Same goes with bars :slight_smile:

Specially when 2.0 evolves from #Ialmostdiefromeatingbecauseitwasdryashell to the big improvement expected in 3.0

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Singles please.

I would be delighted with a free sample here and there but would also definitely be more tempted to try RTD and the newer bars if we could buy singles or sample packs.

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That is definitely something people are crying out loud for and I would agree with.

However this wouldn’t be exclusive, but something different.

Would like to have some discount code or something. Especially for the with all respect over priced branded wear.

I think it would be a good idea to also allow people to trial your bars…

maybe a pack of 3 so we can trail 1 of each flavour before jumping into a whole box?


I’m around 2.5 yrs on Huel and always buy new products to taste-test when they come out. Usually I upload a glowing review on here. Apart from granola, which just wasn’t my thing I’m afraid. Annoyingly I’m away for the weekend and my v3 bars have been sat at home since Thursday :broken_heart:


As a new user - I would have preferred to see a sample pack - sure that there are lots of options you could come up with, many good ones above.

You seem to have an aggressive campaign on social media and indeed, despite me seeing someone using Huel a few years ago, it was from this link last week my order came from - I may well have committed a lot earlier if there had been a sample available.

Despite per meal cost been low, the outlay to get that is substantial. I love the berry RTD and see you do berry powder but no berry flavour shot - I would be conscious of committing to a pouch of berry just in case I dont like it.

Is it possible to make one portion (three scoop) servings of each flavour and sell for a nominal fee - or add several to a ‘pack’ with a shaker?

A ‘Yakult’ size bottle as a sample for the RTD would be enough - appreciate that there could be production costs for something that would probably be free to consumers but as per my experience, RTD will be a good starting position for new users - not only is it convenient but also negates any need for a blender, which a lot of forum posts suggest that many people prefer.

The snack bars - surely very easy to give them out as a sample?

That’s a shame. Hope it’s a good weekend though. I love granola and have it for breakfast every morning with almond or oat milk. I look forward to reading your verdict on the new bars when you eventually get to try one :grin:

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@Tim_Huel someone needs to use more marketing and explore some opportunities based on your CRM. You sent me just an image of the RTD and I bought 48 RTD bottles some weeks ago, but if I hadnt bought them, a single bottle would have been enough. Great gesture and you make the client know the new product.

In my case you could have sent one 3.0 bar based on my history order. @Bee

Instead the RTD image, a real 3.0 bar for the next time. That would be greatIMG_20190202_184331__01

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