Small gestures to long time subscribers


The man!

I think this is very true. Particularly if you want to sample all the products.

However, I wanted to make this thread as a side note and not about samples. I guess what people really want are ther later :joy::joy:

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I always like to try new Huel ting also.



That is my local pub carpet. I can smell stale booze just looking at the photo.

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Hahahah send a photo

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We used to do similar things when we didn’t have as many products. Would send out a free new shaker to customers that had bought [x] amount of times. We actually got loads of complaints about them not wanting it and also an increase in customer service enquiries asking to be refunded because they didn’t order a new shaker.

Just one example, but a note that we need to be careful when adding free stuff to orders.

However, we have some exciting stuff in the pipeline regarding some of the ideas raised above.

Also don’t really want to get into this here, use the search function to check out the history on this on some other threads. We used to do samples exactly as you describe but the result was hundreds of terrible Huel experiences.



Well… A new shaker… I wouldnt like it either if i hadnt had a problem before with it or the design hadnt changed… That would be a nice gesture but after 2 years or very high usage, because you could know that his shaker has been used tons of times and the logo is removed.

After thinking this… What if you developed a new system, a control panel in the shop that rewarded users (using some internal CRM metrics) with X items with certain events. The delivery would only take place in my next order to save transports. So, for example:

  • After 2 years or X number of Huel consumed I receive an email telling me that I could replace my shaker with one new for free, but I would decide it if I want or not.

  • When you launch a new product like RTD, you could send an email telling that because the community/old clients are the most important part of Huel, that is why you saved 1 RTD per flavour as gift for us try it. If you want to go further, you could even develop an special package for this occasion, because you know that when old clients receive a new product: 1.They want to be the first 2. They are going to analyse like the greatest taster

What should the panel look like? Clean page inspirated in the gamification system with notifications like some games like PUGB. Just make us press the RTD, new flavour, new 3.0 bar button and it should be ready in our next delivery.

If you want to nail the customer service this would be great



I really dislike the shaker. As the lip hits my nose. And the plastic will take up all the smell if you forget to clean the shaker soon enonough.

RVS Shaker



I also think there are better shakers in the market. For instance, I quite like Jimmyjoy’s shaker, not only is bigger but has a more sturdy feeling.



I think the shaker is the next step for Huel. They have a pretty complete catalogue of products with the latest RTD version. They should develop their own bottle or shaker.

There are so many possibilities to do with Huel in the marketing configuration strategy right now… I envy that

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There are plenty of shaker manufacturers out there. It is just effort to try the different ones, get someone that can produce at the scale at you need, make sure that it is cheap enough…



The current shaker is perfect for home use.
But I’d love one that seals for travel - that would be ideal. I currently use a bulk powders shaker or a systema bottle to transport but one made specifically for Huel would be great.