So very smooth, but

Its been quite exciting trying something so new and so unique, after the experience im very convinced that this is the stuff for the future.

Plan on buying loads more. :smile:

*Could add sweeter (ASPARTAME FREE) versions

Another tricky one to please everyone…from the forum i seems that most people seem to think the vanilla one is sweet enough…indeed I did when I started using it…but now I am finding it too sweet and am using a 50/50 mix of vanilla and unsweetened, and that is perfect.

If I were you, I would perhaps experiment with some sweet flavourings. Huey have various flavour sachets while Flavdrops from seem pretty good too.

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I second that. I think a lot of people will want less sweet, and since it’s easier to add sweetener than to remove it, then using less sweetener in the base mix makes sense IMHO.