Some general comments


I just to wanted to make two or three comments:

  • I was surprised I had to pay for the delivery even when ordering for 175 pounds of product. most Internet websites have a business model that includes free delivery after certain amount.
  • I was also surprised to see that there were absolutely no explanation in french when I wanted to share the information with my family. This is my main comment, a lot of people don’t speak english and it’s a tiny investment compared to the number of targets it unlocks.
  • You should think about adding the possibility to mix the order when ordering a 4 weeks (I added a comment saying I wanted 50/50 vanilla and unflavoured, i hope it will be considered).

That’s it for my feedback.

There is free delivery, included in any order, unfortunatly only for UK mainland orders. Scales of economy mean they can’t really afford to offer free european delivery (As Huel does weigh a fair ammount!) just yet.

Again, at this stage Huel is mainly UK based, with european shipping an option. Maybe later on having translations on the website might be a good idea! ( I’m sure @Julian has it in his business plan! ).

Yes, Julian has stated you can mix orders, the comment box is the right location for that, if it doesn’t come through as a mixed order give @julian a direct message on here, he’s really good at sorting any issues out quickly!

@SophieMarketingHuel Might be something to look at regarding Translations?

@welwynd Hi @joachimB I understand that there isn’t any product info in French - I will look into doing some translation if I have time. What would the most essential bits to have in French be in your opinion? Thanks, Sophie.

Thank you for the answers :smile:

I’d say your first page :
What is Huel and what it is made of would be the main thing to know what people are buying.

@joachimB thank you for choosing Huel and thank you for the feedback.

We now deliver to all of Europe and some countries outside Europe, e.g. Hong Kong, China, Russia. To offer free deliver to everyone is possible but the price would need to go up for everyone which seems unfair.

Languages are another tricky thing to get right, we have customers from over 25 countries, most with their own language. I will look into a translation tool / app but as you know those can be average at best.

Mixing vanilla and unflavoured in close, about 2 weeks away. :smile:

Maybe just start with the 5 most speaken ones in Europe:
49% English
35% German
26% French
16% Italian
15% Spanish
10% Polish
7% Russian
6% Dutch

If you just endeavour to replicate the Nutritional Information panel (even just the macro-nutrients) and the core ingredients in some of the more widely-spoken languages you could benefit hugely.

We will look into this but it does look like a daunting task.