Something I hope you are all interested in (science!)

Despite being a medicinal chemist / pharmacologist, I despise the pharmaceutical industry. Medical students aren’t taught nutrition and we really need to be adopting a more preventative approach to healthcare. You guys all know this, that’s why you’re here!

I thought you might be interested in this really informative and easy to grasp YouTube video from a renowned biochemist (Bruce Ames) who discusses everything I think you’d like to hear. He even developed a Huel bar like product (Chori Bar) but I don’t think it’s been marketed yet, but you can see some of the scientific results from their trials.

Hope you enjoy!


Why do you despise the pharmaceutical industry?

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10 years of development in collaboration with the USDA, has more than 15 clinical trial

And no final product? Crikey.

Hey now
I don’t use Huel because it’s healthy. I’m just lazy!


Whilst very useful and important for diseases that cannot be treated with improving diet, lifestyle and environmental factors, generally pharmaceutical drugs simply provide a “band-aid” for what is most likely a much more complex disease. It makes much better sense to target the root cause of a disease than to mask symptoms.

An excellent case in point is with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). For many years, pharmaceutical industries have been targetting amyloid-beta plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. This is a gross oversimplication of the disease as it is incredibly heterogeneous. Secondly, just because levels of said proteins are higher in AD patients, this doesn’t necessarily equate to it being a casual factor and could in fact be a consequence.

This is true for so many diseases which are oversimplified and simply not understood by Big Pharma. Of course, the money and profits come from excellent blockbuster drugs such as Prozac and Lipitor. Are they the best solutions for the issues at hand? Certainly not. But very few people are going to earn billions of dollars selling a nutritional product. It makes sense to start with the basics— our diet, our lifestyle and exercise habits. Simple yet extremely effective ways to deal with so many diseases. Some diseases less so, and that’s where pharmaceutical drugs can be very useful and change lives.

I could write a book furthering my points, and if you’re still interested feel free to DM.

Hope you enjoy the video!


What has that got to do with the subject of this thread? I’m beginning to think you are posting just for the sake of posting.

Read his post again and maybe you’ll see it, provided you are able to read m8

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Indeed. Quite sad as the data looked very promising. Would be great to see Huel have more of the similar stuff for us science nerds. I think they just couldn’t find funding to commercialise it.

I read his post. It’s about a scientific view on nutrition which references a 1hr video, which you couldn’t possibly have watched as you posted 30 minutes after the thread was created. And I trust the irony questioning someones ability to read while spelling mate with a number was intentional?

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Yes, it was intentional. I did mention I am lazy, right? Point made.

If you don’t agree with me, just move along and do your own thing. I don’t understand remarking on people without reason like you did. And no, I didnt watch the video. Also my comment was not serious, no need to take offense if you did. Have a nice day to you, sir.

That’s one of the most useful and interesting responses /reasonings I’ve seen on here.

Thanks for taking the time to respond in such detail. :smiley:

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Not feeling like going through an 1 hour video, I started reading a bit.

My summary in case it helps others: looks like it’s about “triage theory”, which posits that we all are usually not having enough vitamins and minerals, and our bodies use the scarce resource for urgent needs but leaves not-urgent needs starved, concretely “anti-ageing proteins”, therefore causing ageing-related illness, like cancer.

I don’t see any quick indication of this being a scam. There seem to be links to some Rhonda Patrick who does sell diet/genetics/lifestyle thingies in the podcast circuit.

I do wonder how does this half-starved-for-vitamins theory mix with the last couple of years’ reports of vitamin supplements being unhealthy after all.

Indeed! Definitely not a scam— Bruce is one of the world’s most renowned biochemists. His stuff makes sense and is backed up by solid data. I do know about the studies you are referring to, although they contain rather questionable and unreliable data. I’d be happy to discuss them with you (if you’re interested!) but don’t want to make this thread too technical. Just thought it’d be interesting to some of you. :slight_smile:

So, “hope you like science” but “not wanting to make the thread too technical”?

There are lots of technical threads in here, that’s why we can trust Huel. Feel free to go technical, because just unexplainedly posting 1 hour videos is what makes me think of scammy infomercials.

I’m not simply going to explain every bit of science in both the video and your curiosity about health supplements simply because you were too lazy to watch the video for yourself. If people have a question, they will ask. If you want to watch it, then do.

I’m curious what “infomercials” you have been looking at since a) nothing is being advertised on this video and b) I was one of the earliest adopters of Huel and I’m well known on here for positive reasons.

I am indeed sorry that the world relies on instant gratification these days— I thought if there’d be one place where people might like to indulge on 60 minutes of interesting, relevant scientific-ish content, it might be here.

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“I’m not simply going to explain every bit of science” -> no, you’re not explaining anything, that much was clear. You only want to get technical in private. Sounds legit.

“I am indeed sorry that the world relies on instant gratification these days” -> yeah, that’s why instead of passively watching your unexplained video I went and researched by myself what it is about, what is the context and came back to post the summary.

You’ll actually see where I made a detailed, technical reply above to another user right within this thread— very private. Anyway, have a great day, mister happy!

I’m sorry, I can’t help getting skeptical when people base their already thin points on “Big Pharma” arguments and Youtube videos. My attitude is not good for the economy, I know :frowning: . But I can try to change! Tell me, what is your favourite Deepak Chopra quote?

Also, please bring your jokes here. I’m sure they deserve a bigger public than our private! :wink: