Spaced Out

Hi all,

Just started my Huel journey last week, my reasons were to save money, time, get nutritious food and also avoid my usual carb loaded lunches from Pret or Eat. I really love the convenience and find the taste is fine.

I’m using 3 scoops + water + flavouring (which I will probably drop as it’s a bit overkill) and with a banana and a handful of raspberries & blueberries added in more recently to boost my fruit intake.

The first few days, without fruit, I was absolutely ravenous by 3pm and put this down to adjusting to the new diet, the last couple of days however I’ve been completely spaced out almost immediately during and for an hour or two after consuming Huel.

I’m concerned I’m overdoing it with the carbs+sugar in the blended fruit, though my nutritional knowledge is pretty basic. Can any offer some insight here into what might be happening and whether I should cut the fruit out? or will my body just get used to it?

Cheers :grinning:

Nah, no way is one banana and a handful of forest fruits overdoing it on the sugars. Do you suffer this when eating other sugary foods?

What do you mean by spaced out? That can be quite subjective, it’s hard to know exactly what you mean. This can contextually be a good feeling or a bad feeling.

3 scoops and a bit of fruits is around 600 calories, not exactly a huge meal. :slight_smile:

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Could you talk us through the day of food? Just from this comment alone it sounds like you’re having Huel and then trying to not eat anything else? If you’re just having one meal of Huel in the morning, for example, then this is to be expected if not extraordinary you weren’t hungry before 3pm.

Apologies if I’ve missed something here, but could you let us know how much food you’re eating and break down the Huel into scoops/kcal too?

Hi there,

I think there are similar experiences some people are having on the forum in terms of feeling spaced out for a short while after consuming. It is Huel itself it would seem (I take it straight). I attribute it to the fact that Huel is very low GI, so although you do go into “rest and digest” mode after consuming, you don’t get an immediate rush of energy you tend to get with some other food. I mitigate with tea/coffee/coke straight after. Or a little break/nap :wink:

My interpretation of spaced out is a slight out of body experience I get when I’ve not eaten all day, or after a particularly energetic work-out when hungry…so may be just not enough calories.

Yeah, I agree. This sounds like your typical “low blood sugar” after an intense day/workout and not enough calories.