Starting my journey on Huel


Actually … just checked my weight and it’s nearer 2 stone !! :grin::+1:


Wow, congratulations!!


Update time …
My scales are hovering between 1.75-2 stone loss !
I say ‘hovering’ as some days I have put on a few lbs …
I’m 2.5lbs up from what I was 2 weeks ago !!! … BUT feel so much better … fitter, stronger and have loads of energy !!! Thanks to the gym too !

AND what’s even more surprising !
I normally wear XXL t shirts …
I got a friends huel supply as he didn’t like it … and his unused t shirt too …
it’s a XL ! That will never fit !!
To see how much more I had to lose :thinking:… I tried it on !
And to my amazement the huel T shirt fit perfectly !!:+1:
Well what can I say ??? It’s either a wrongly labelled t shirt ??? OR I really am much slimmer … :tada::tada::tada::tada:
don’t burst my bubble and say huel t shirts are one size bigger than the label !!!:zipper_mouth_face:


Hiya I’ve really enjoyed reading through all your posts, I love how positive you are! I’m loving Huel, I have lost about 5 1/2 lbs in about a month which is a bit slower than I’d have liked but I don’t really have a lot of weight to lose so I’m okay with that. Reading your posts has really motivated me to keep going- I can’t wait to need smaller clothes!! And I found the T Shirts came up quite small so I’m even more pleased for you that you fit a smaller size than usual!! Thanks for the inspiration.


Good afternoon all

Just got back from a 3 week trip to USA and I didn’t take Huel !! (Long story … but family suitcases were too small for MY food … something and had to give !)
Anyways … 3 weeks of American portions …
And 3 weeks of searching for different ‘American’ food for our teenagers
I tried to be good !!!
I tried not to order delicious food !!!
Even resorting to salads… who’s portion sizes could feed a family !
I even skipped desserts (especially when I saw the Cheesecake Factory had small desserts with 1,000+ Calories per portion !!):cake::cake:

BUT We also had 3 weeks of walking, to visit all the sights we could … this averaged out to at least 15,000 steps a day (some days we did over 25,000 ! Feet ached most of the time )

Using my regular scales …
I weighed myself today …


I had actually LOST 6lbs !! :+1:

OK not a dramatic loss in 3 weeks, but considering the food calorie intake was quite high !! I am quite surprised AND pleased :1st_place_medal:

Imagine the result, if I had taken my Huel … :thinking:

But it did reinforce the fact that if you increase your exercise and calorie useage activity … it really does help you lose weight !!

Back on Huel from today … (not sure if my walking distances will be the same tho :thinking:)
And … yes …I’m glad to be back :+1:


People usually say Huel shirts are smaller than the size marked on the label… so you’ve cracked it mate! Welcome back, when I’m away I always miss Huel


Another little update …
I’ve yo-yo’ed a little over the last couple of weeks … slightly annoying !! But general trend is a loss of 1-2lbs a week so that’s fine
However had a few long walks too, our dog has never been so fit !!

I had a blood test recently and my potassium levels are lower than they should be … strangely I had a similar issue last year but the docs were much happier with the third blood test!
(I don’t fancy being a pin cushion while they take ‘an armful of blood’ … Tony Hancock)

I am on blood pressure tablets which I have taken for years …these ‘may’ be the root cause.

BUT … I would like to get all my levels in or around the ‘healthy’ mark as soon as possible

I can’t stand bananas ! So no good suggesting eating one a day !!
Tomato’s could be another source … I like these cooked but raw, no chance !

Let’s see what the doc recommends …
OR if there is another suitable solution ??
I have 2 Huel meals per day (sometimes 3)

Suggestions on a postcard …


PS Had to order a smaller work uniform :+1:
As this current one looks decidedly baggy on me … the weight is definitely coming off !


Do you blend your Huel? If it’s the texture of bananas you hate as opposed to the taste, maybe you could blend it into the Huel (tomatoes too but probs not together!)

I can’t recommend a specific blender as I don’t use them myself but people have recommended them elsewhere on the forum


Nah … I’m a shaker !!

Banana taste / feel / texture / smell … in whatever shape or form !
I can always taste banana even if my Mrs has used the same knife on her bananas, cleaned the knife and then used it on my sarnies !!
Cannot stand bananas at all !!!

I do have a blender … two in fact ! Nutribullet and an Asda one with extra bottles
But prefer the shaking method, a little workout too?


Have really enjoyed following your Huel journey, well done on the weightloss


Just had a pair of trousers arrive (Ebay purchase) … 2” narrower waistline than my normal size !

I fit in easily !!!
Woooohooooo !
I honestly thought it would be a bit of a squeeze. In fact I may need a belt soon ??
That’s a bit of a pain tho as I will have to renew much of my wardrobe :cry:


Another 5 days gone by … so quickly !
A 20 mile cycle ride earlier today and I feel good!
(A bit annoyed that my ‘Track my ride app’ only worked for 10 seconds !! And closed down :cry:
As I felt like my ride today was super quick and I pushed hard to make my record time on one part of the route)

Anyway … my weight loss continues and the new look is being noticed by all!
Its about 2 stone lost so far !!
Still plenty to go tho :wink:



I hate bananas too. I really struggle with any sort of shake, bread or other recipie that has bananas. However, my potassium levels were high in last weeks blood test.
Have you sorted out that issue.

If not potassium rich foods include: vegetables(brocolli, spinach), carrots, potatoes, lean meats, whole grains, beans, nuts, cucumber, courgette, pumpkin, milk and yogurt. Out of that least milk is your easiest solution, or having some nuts.

How much sport do you do? have you considered a sport tracker watch?

Great journey btw! Keep it up


Thank you Latestfuels

I’m not that sporty (saying that … I used to play badminton very regularly and 5 a side occasionally … but 2 Hernia operations (now fully sorted) and an ongoing heel problem has halted those sports for a little while)

As for sporty watch … don’t have one !
I’m a bit sceptical as my wife used her Fitbit step tracker on holiday and I had my iPhone … both had massive discrepancies… we never had one day anywhere near each other … distance OR steps OR flights climbed :thinking:
I’ve used map my ride for years … and found the similar route a year or so ago, so keyed that in. BUT it was the time and part of the route I was really pleased with
Ahh well … will just have to do it again !!

Re Potassium … Doc has given me some liquid K to try for a little while ! A couple of teaspoons twice a day
I have most of the other stuff in my regular ‘proper’ meals. Even tried grilled tomatoes on toast… ok I suppose
Doc still thinks it’s the BP medication but will do another test in a couple of weeks
Off to get a shower and jump on the scales :crazy_face:


If you ever get (back) into sports I would recommend you looking at Garmin. They have the best trackers in the market (altough some of them come pricey).

Sounds at least “a little bit” sporty to me :laughing:

I guess the spoons will do it then.


This mornings weigh in …
Usual routine in the morning and as I stood on the scales …looked down … I swore at the scales, somethings not right ? :thinking:

Got off, wiped my glasses (a bit misted up), moved the scales to a flat tile and tried again.

That’s definitely not right …I thought … how come I’ve put on that many lbs in a week ?
Then the penny dropped !
I was only reading the lbs … and hadn’t noticed the stone side ! :scream:
I hadn’t gained !!! I had actually LOST several lbs !
After the long gym session yesterday, cycling and dog walks this week… I’m pleased with the weight loss results this week
(an understatement perhaps?) :smiley:

THANKYOU Huel :+1:


It’s been a while … so time for a little update perhaps ?

The weight just keeps falling off !
Often hovering for a little while then steady progressing lower
I’m at my lowest weight since pre 2000 and again had to order more jeans as I was beginning to look like they weren’t mine ! (I’m almost the same size as I was early to mid 90’s :wink:)
My shirts too look way too big ! Even my favourite ‘going out’ shirt which got an airing on Friday (first time for absolutely bloody ages) and I was aware it looked too baggy !

My work clothes are on order ( as I needed a smaller size) maybe I should order ANOTHER size down as ordering takes a long time !!

A colleague commented I look taller ?? So I reckon as I don’t look as wide, which in turn emphasises the height ???

For those who doubt that Huel can help … it does !!
Or say nahhh, I will just cut down food it’s easy to lose weight ! It’s not !!
And those fad diets… (I heard a comment recently about someone who is on one of these diets and ‘she lost 1/2 stone in a month and is starving all the time, and sometimes feels awful!)

Well done I thought … but I’m NOT starving and have lost more weight in a similar time period and feel great !

So what I’m basically saying …

THANKYOU Huel :+1:


Well… what’s new ?
This week has been unusual as I haven’t been to the gym… (that wouldn’t have been unusual 6 months ago !)
My weight has +/- 2lbs during the week and I’m 1/2 pound heavier than this time last week :cry:
I’m not worried or bothered about little glitches in weight tho … as long as the overall trend is downward ! (Or there abouts :+1:)

I was a bit over optimistic and bought a pair of jeans a size too small …(a waist size I’ve never worn since late 80’s). to my surprise they fit well, I could fasten the waist and they look fine !!
But … my thighs make the jeans look like they are spray ons ! I cycle a bit so my thighs may not get much smaller !!
Maybe I should keep the optimistic jeans ?


This has been a fascinating read. Please do continue with your updates and well done on your journey so far. I have just started with Huel today with the same aim of loosing weight - looking forward to it!