Starting my journey on Huel


Do you have ‘one of those days’?
Well … it started normally with a huel breakfast then a hour or so dog walk and then off to the gym before work.
Alas I couldn’t get into the mood and every push / pull / extension or other physical activity seemed such a chore today !
I managed 25 minutes before I gave up !
Early lunch (non huel) and got ready for work .

Even now, as I stand at the train station before heading to work, I feel like I have no energy and my get up and go has already gone !
Possibly a CBA day ??

Hope that this little blip will revert back to normal tomorrow, as it’s very unusual for me to feel like this …

Ohhh and this mornings weigh in wasn’t good either ! Maybe that psychologically put me off kilter for the rest of the day ???


Thanks from me too. I only started today and intend to do as you have done. Two Huel shakes, probably breakfast and lunch, and one normal dinner per day and see how it goes.

I have started off with vanilla, which I enjoyed, but also bought a bag of berry to try. No problems mixing with shaker. Came out quite smooth.

My main reason for trying Huel is to see if it will help me with my gut problem. I have IBS and am hoping it will reduce the constant upper abdo bloating and discomfort. If I lose a bit of weight in the process it will be a bonus!


Back in the gym today … not sure what happened yesterday ???
But today I’m lifting heavier and more reps ??
Having a quick 2-3 mins breather before my next round of sets .
Still don’t feel mentally fully corrrect but physically I’m ok !! Maybe it’s my body fighting a bug which is going about at work?

This mornings weigh in was ok … not ideal but !!

It’s ok if we have an off day occasionally, or a day when we don’t accomplish our goals …
As the saying goes … keep calm and carry on !!

Back to the converging chest press … catch you all soon :+1:


Whatever I did yesterday … worked !!!
Feeling great and looking good :crazy_face:
My weight is the lowest it’s been for many many years !
I feel fitter and stronger too (obviously not all from one day … BUT !!)
A little woooohooooo from me this morning when I stepped off the scales
Sleeping really well and as James Brown once sung … I feel good !!
I know there will be a bit of fluctuation up and down … but the general trend is going down !!

BMI is the lowest it’s been too … not quite in the ‘ideal’ range but definitely NOT in the ‘obese’ catagory any longer ! (I know BMI isn’t the best benchmark)
Nearly 3 stones lost since the beginning or March !! (That included 3 weeks in USA eating out daily and massive portions !) still a bit to go before my ideal weight OR shape :thinking:

Have a great day everyone and let’s keep the weight loss coming !!!
PS can you tell I’m quite chuffed !!


That’s really brilliant. I’m so pleased for you :sunglasses::smiley:
I am on Day 3 now and hope my journey with Huel is as successful as yours. My gut definitely feels less bloated and uncomfortable already. I am optimistic it will gradually improve as the days go on. I got some granola today and of course had to try a few crumbs. Tastes good! Will have a bowl for lunch instead of a shake :yum:


Rightly so! Congrats sir. Excellent progress. Keep it up. :facepunch:t3:


THANKYOU all :+1:
Progress is still being made, a bit of a yo yo journey with some good and some bad weigh ins !!
However the overall weight in trend is down
My weight is down below what I was almost 30 years ago
My fitness is up
My strength is up
Feel so much better overall

So … THANKYOU Huel and this community … with your help I feel great !


glad to have been of assistance.


I was discussing my weight loss at work and one of my colleagues wanted to know more…
So I loaned him a bag and within 5 days in he feels great and has lost almost 2kg and over the moon with the results !

I was chatting to another team member about Huel and he said he is a fellow huel user (but he is only doing one meal a day) so we compared notes and usage routines !

Think we may need to have a sign or secret word … to recognise fellow huel-ists ???


Wondering if I should use this as my profile pic ?


No, I object to you using my photo.


I’m zipping the fat suit off Hunzas … are you zipping your on ???




LOL you’re all nutters :rofl:



Not a good week… feeling a little under the weather and very weak !
My get up and go has got up and gone !
Weigh in wasn’t too good either ! Gained many lbs !!
But as I had a couple of junk food meals, meals out with the family and no gym visits this week !

Starting tomorrow…back onto the usual regime!




Phew… It’s a hard life. I used to enjoy the gym a lot but these days it’s a struggle and think why am I here when I could be watching crap on the TV and dosing off :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


THANKYOU for your support Hunzas :kissing_heart:
I knew I could rely on you :joy::rofl::joy:

Think the mystery illness hasn’t helped, feel quite rough !!
Also had quite a few hospital visits recently … blood tests, (low potassium) x-rays and ultrasound on my heel (fragment of bone pulled off by Achilles and now loose) and I’m SO looking forward to yet another DRE :scream: in 10 days time …

Anyways … tomorrow is kick starting my huel journey again !!


3 meals of huel today and a protein shake after the gym.
Gym was over a hour and felt reasonable at the end … tired, achey but reasonably so !
and I managed a bit of household DIY too …

Let’s hope I get back on track ASAP
Gym tomorrow and then late shift at work …


Ok it’s not coming off as quick as it went on !

BUT !!!
I looked at my progress over the last 6-7 months and I’m in a different league now !
Trousers are 4-6” narrower
Weight … just under 3 stone lost !
Clothes … this is a bit expensive ! Slowly replacing my wardrobe (just went through my trousers drawer this morning and was surprised how many I had to get rid of ! Even the intermediate size, when I thought I would be happy with that. Now a size smaller !!!)
Fitter and stronger ! Gym visits are a pleasure, as is cycling !
I can feel actual muscle where once I felt muscle under a layer of fat ?

So … don’t be disheartened by the odd glitch or week when you hadn’t lost much (or maybe gained ?)
Keep on track and look at your progress so far.