Starting my journey on Huel


Wow! You have done/are doing fantastically well! :man_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::weight_lifting_man::grinning:

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A little update

I have lost a few more kg, but over this last week I seem to have put on a few more kg !
How ??
Eating hasn’t changed much !
Gym visits increased …

Wonder if it’s actually muscle growth ?? LOL
Clothes gradually being replaced to the next size down … I tried out of optimism a polo shirt 2 sizes smaller … it fits :scream: sort of ! (Surprised I got in it to tell the truth !)
Think I will send it back and swap it to the next size up …
Pleased tho !! I feel better and dare I say look better !!!


Yay! Mr Muscleman :weight_lifting_man::muscle::grin:

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For some reason I’m finding that picture very hot !

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Keep that image in your mind :+1:

Reality is unfortunately not quite as much fun :joy::rofl:


Morning everyone
It’s been awhile since I updated my progress so here goes…

I’ve actually put on weight recently :scream:. Shock horror !!
About 6 weeks ago I hit my lowest weight since about 1990 …
trousers I couldn’t even think about fit well and I dropped several shirt sizes !
Over the last 6 weeks however I e put on a few kg !! In fact 3kg :scream:
I haven’t changed any eating regime … my body may be getting used to the intake and adjusting accordingly ??
Or am I storing fat for winter insulation ??
I still wear the same trouser size as I did when I was at my slimmest !!

It is possibly because of my weekly workouts ?
And cycling ?.. (I easily completed 20 miles last weekend on the wet muddy tow path along the Thames … came back covered in mud and soaking wet BUT really enjoyed myself !!)
In the gym I have surprised myself with the weights I use … these have gradually increased in weight and reps over the last 6 months !
AND I enjoy going to the gym (and cycling)
This keeping fit lark is fun !!
I still get comments from people, how slim I’m looking, how my body shape has changed etc etc AND several workmates are now Huelists

Am I worried about the 3kg gain ?
Not at all !!
I still weigh 2 1/2+ stone lighter than I started with Huel !
I sleep better, I have more energy and generally feel much better in all other ways :+1:
I am much stronger and fitter than when I started

So anyone flagging or not liking huel OR the speed of which weight comes off …
Keep up with it … it’s working for me !!


3kg isn’t a massive amount in the great scheme of things, and reading that of course it is probably some fat loss and some muscle gain - everything seems pretty positive about all of that post. Great stuff.


That’s a fantastic achievement! Well done you! Not forgetting Huel of course :grinning::+1:


Afternoon all
Mid January update …
The Christmas excess weight is beginning come off slowly …(how come it’s much quicker to put ON than take OFF?)
Back to 2 Huel meals a day and one ‘normal’ healthy family meal
Several trips to the gym, and seem to be lifting / pushing / pulling much heavier weights.
But still about 4-5kg heavier than my lightest weight in early November … :cry:
I received my order of new work slimmer uniform trousers (takes several months to arrive) and despite my doubts … they FIT !!! (These are 6” slimmer than I used this time last year BUT … uniform trouser measurements are never accurate… ! So it’s not all good news !!

Had to go into hospital for a few tests as my potassium levels are low (I know a few solutions to add to my diet! But can’t stand bananas !!)
Doc ‘thinks’ it’s my BP medication causing the issue as everything else looking good …so more tests later
However, I had to be weighed … the hospital scale said +5lbs MORE than my home scales said on the same day (ahhh. The penny dropped I was fully clothed at hospital !!!) … IF the hospital was correct and true … I was quite a chunky when I started my journey !!
Even heavier than I thought ??? :scream:


The Christmas weight will soon come off again. LOL you’re right it always does go on quicker than it comes off :grin:
Lots more foods than bananas to up your potassium. See here


Cheers Bee
The doc gave me a list of higher potassium foods… most of which I eat already !!
Plus a liquid Potassium booster … which did bugger all !
So … I await the removal of an armful of blood (Tony Hancock?) and associated tests !!!


Another little update …
I must admit… I slipped up a little recently !
Despite the excercise, I have gained … probably 12-14lbs since end of November …

I blamed the Xmas season, but slowly been creeping since then
However … my waist size has dropped slightly, feeling fitter and I’m lifting heavier weights in the gym ?
Could this be the reason ?
OR …, I need to be more stringent with my meals again ??

Mmmmm. :thinking:.


If you have bee increasing your excersise you should be taking body measurements with a tape measure.
Muscle weighs more than fat so you could be losing fat and gaining muscle.
I didn’t change in weight at one point but lost 3 inches on my calfs with more defined muscle.

If your staling or gaining on the scales start taking body measurments and record them. It will help you keep it all in perspective.

I found this article helpful when planing how to track my fat loss:

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This has been a fantastic read as a new Huel user myself whom is looking to lose a lot of weight. Very inspiring.

I am mid 40’s 6’1 and about 10 days ago weighed 138.09kg - now I am 134.21kg - started the Huel on Sunday passed with RTD at work (I work away from home) and then started the powder while I work from home a couple of days a week.

No excercise as yet but we do have a decent treadmill and hope to start on that soon to help things along.

Again, thanks for the read and good luck.


I was lucky (or unlucky?) I had to have dental surgery and consume soft food (Huel was perfect) and I kept it up !!
Don’t expect dramatic losses (unless you have dental issues too and can’t eat?)
I’m in the gym at least 3 times a week and average 45 minutes … and cycle regularly !
Plus I walk the dog daily 2-3 miles …
Gradually build up and keep on going …

Error … think you are correct !
I should have used a tape measure !
BUT I feel much stronger than i used to and I can see that biceps, triceps, calves and quads have definition :+1:
The 6 pack isn’t quite there yet :wink:

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Its never to late to start!
Glad your feeling the benifits in your self.


Time for another update …
As it’s been a while

Last month or two (or was it three) has been a bit of a yo -yo
Up and down on the scales, gained and lost several pounds !
Still looking at a loss of 2. 1/2 stone since this time last year !!
Body shape is changing and I feel fitter !
Don’t always be disheartened by the indicator on the scales tho … it’s how you feel inside !
My potassium levels that were an issue… are no longer in the dodgy levels ??? No idea why??
No diet or other changes ???

I’ve had moments of madness and ate too much or the wrong things (there’s 3/4 lof a cheesecake I bought yesterday in the fridge!)

But other times I’ve had mega energy and felt awesome !! The peg has moved lower down on the weight stacks in the gym and I’m comfortable working out
London to Brighton cycle ride beckons in June
Sleeping better and no snoring !!!
The weigh ins bug me a little tho … some days I feel thinner and the scales tell me otherwise … others I feel like a Michelin man but the scales give me hope !!!
I’m keeping up with the 2 huel and 1 proper meals a day

Keep up the great work everyone
Together we can be thin !!!


Excellent! :sunglasses::facepunch:


I too celebrated a year using Huel. (like Jeffy)
My progress hasn’t been tracked as much as she has BUT… I’m liking my New shape and physique !!
Gym is no longer a place to avoid
Cycling is fun
Smaller clothes grace my wardrobe
AND I feel so much healthier, sleep better and seem to have more energy !

I put on 1/2 stone since october (possibly 3/4) Having lost 3 stone over 8 months
I HAVE put on weight recently …But it’s going in in the right places !!!


Congrats on your anniversary as well!

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