Stomach problems - coffee flavor huel?

Hi, I am using huel once a day almost every day for few months already, usually 2-3 scoops. Recently I started a new bag of coffee flavor (never tryed this flavor before) and I started to have stomach cramps around the same time. Is it possible this might be caused by huel?

There is a very very small amount of caffeine in this flavour I think, 2.5% of the ingredient list is instant coffee powder. Unlikely to give you an issue unless you are very very sensitive to that?

Agreed you may have issues with caffeine (around 90mg per 100g) or something similar to do with coffee. Real coffee is used to produce the coffee flavour.

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Thanks for your responses, I dont think coffeine can be the issue since I drink multiple coffees a day. I guess this is not a huel related, just wanted to know if someone had similar issues before I start investigating other possible causes.