Student discount Huel?


Some issues? Any idea when it’ll be back? Why don’t you just use your own service and only allow students with addresses?


I don’t have a date for you but we’re working on it.

There’s no way to automate that at checkout.


Is there any possibility of manually adding the student discount for the time being if we can provide evidence of our student status? I really need to re-order soon and not getting the additional discount is putting me off as times are a bit tight. :T


I’d be keen to know this too…


Is there any chance we could get word from the moderators whether this will be back soon (within the next few weeks) or it’s a long way off? I really need to know if student discount will be a regular thing. I’m a student for the next 4 years and every saving I can get really counts. Thanks.


Okay. One way to implement this would be to have a form on the website that will only send a discount code to a email address. Can you manually add discount at the moment? Is there any sign of it coming back?

I want to order some more, but it isn’t worth it for me without getting the student discount.


Any update on this?