Subscription Issues

I’ve been using Huel for over a year now. First by purchasing from Amazon UK and then by subscribing via the Huel website. I’ve experienced some issues with the “new and improved” subscription interface and I’m curious as to whether someone can offer some advice about what’s going on

Here’s what happened:

  • Received new credit card
  • Huel subscription failed due to old card number being invalid
  • Updated payment information
  • Order info still showed card issue
  • Emailed but didn’t receive a reply
  • Changed subscription date
  • Order info still showed card issue
  • Cancelled subscription and made a new subscription (#731050)
  • Subscription dashboard shows dispatch date as Sunday, 21 April

It’s unclear to me whether I’ll receive my order sometime this week and that the subscription date shown is the subsequent subscription or whether something has gone wrong with the system and my subscription is somehow deferred for 4 weeks.

Here’s what I would like:

  • The freshly created subscription to be fulfilled this week (#731050)
  • The subscription to recur in 4 weeks.

@Tim_Huel can you help at all?

OK, I’ve tried manually changing the subscription date to the Monday, 25 March but I do not understand if, or indeed why, this was necessary. Here’s hoping I don’t receive a double order in the coming week due to confusing UI/UX.

EDIT - I received a DPD delivery confirmation so I’ve skipped the amended subscription. I feel that there’s lots of room for improvement in the subscriptions interface - it feels pretty clunky/confusing in the current iteration.

Hey there, sorry you’ve had some confusion with this. When you set up a new subscription, i.e. go through check out and place a subscription order this will be processed immediately. You can’t start a new subscription but delay the date the first one comes out.

I’m unsure why you unable to change your payment details. You can’t remove all of your payment methods, you would need to add a new payment method and set it to default. You can then delete the old payment method.

This is the date of your next sub. 4 weeks from the date you placed your order. You cannot amend orders that have already been placed.

Hope all that helps.

It looked as if the subscription I had just made was due to be fulfilled next month. Surely the next logical subscription date should be the start date, ie the one that’s about to be fulfilled, and not the next one after that.

I think then you either need to include some fulfilment details on the order page, which would have cleared this up, or include the subscription start date in the subscription UI.

The subscription order you just placed wouldn’t come up here because it isn’t an upcoming order, it’s already an order that’s on the way. You will be able to view it in Order History though.

I know about the order page but I still feel that the current UX and, in particular, the lack of fulfilment information, ie dispatch details, on the order page and the language on the subscription UI, eg why is it QUEUED and what does this mean, could be improved.

I’m going to bow out of the discussion now. Thanks for your replies and look forward to seeing how you iterate on the interface in the future.

Sorry just to jump in here, but the thread title fits with a query I have, @Tim_Huel.

My subscription for the past 18 months or so has been for 4 bags at £80+. A couple of deliveries ago, this switched (seemingly of its own accord) to 2 bags at £40+. I’m 100% sure I didn’t do that!

As it happens, it’s OK. It seems to fit my consumption a bit better, and is more on a just-in-time model now. Has the delivery system developed psychic powers, I wonder?

But of course @Lighteater. The new system is a relative of HAL hahahaaahahaaa :robot::space_invader:

Haha I just swallowed my tea the wrong way and scared the dogs :scream::laughing:
I will have to go and regenerate.

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