Subscription renewal date?

I’m sure the answer to this is blindingly obvious, but I’ve just set up a subscription and I’m a bit lost!

Obviously the dispatch every x weeks is self explanatory, but what is the renewal date for?


You can change it to whatever you want. When you get charged, the next date will be x number of weeks ahead. You can then edit it again if you like.

I make subscriptions for a looooooong time so they don’t renew early when I’m not ready. When I am ready, I edit the date to when I actually want it to be dispatched.

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Ahhhh I see, so that renewal date will essentially be my next dispatch date?

So best bet is to whack it way forward then when I’m running low change it to when I want my next order?

That’s right. Whack it way forward!

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Crackin’ stuff!

Thanks for clearing it all up for me, it’s only my second ever order so still working it all out!