Successful Weight Loss


Thanks Sarah, and good luck!


great progress well done :+1:


Thanks Jay.


Hi Pete, thanks for your comments first day on Huel tomorrow lunch prepped, unflavoured 3 scoops, chocolate sachet and peanut butter powder smudge of cinnamon here goes…
Looking forward to reading your updates


Update: I’m still very much on track.Here are the current stats…

After 24 weeks, I currently weigh 13st 7lbs, or 189lbs, or 85.7kg. I’ve lost 3st 5lbs, or 47lbs, or 21.3kg.

Easiest diet ever. I’m way beyond cravings for fatty, sugary food now, and I’m determined to reach my target weight of 11st. If I get there, my BMI will be in the normal range for the first time in my adult life.


Very impressive that the losses you’re seeing amount to essentially almost bang on 2lbs a week loss!
Did you experience dramatic loss to start with? What is your average calorie intake?


Hi Liam, thanks. Yes, there was a big loss in the first and second weeks, but that was probably water rather than fat. I’ve adjusted my daily calories regularly, at the moment I’m on 1400 a day, giving me a 500 kcal deficit. I use an app called Nutracheck calorie counter to figure it all out and monitor my calories.


Update. After 27 weeks, I now weigh exactly 13st (182lbs, 82.6kg) I have lost 3st 2lbs (54lbs, 24.5kg). Only 2st (28lbs, 12.7kg) until my goal weight of 11st (154lbs, 69.9kg).

The last time I was this weight was 10 years ago. When (not if) I reach my target, I believe that will be the first time that I have had a BMI in the “normal” range in my whole life.

Thanks to Huel, my goal is in sight. I’m also using 16:8 Intermittent Fasting, to ensure that I burn fat. This is today’s food, consumed between 8am and 4pm…

Breakfast: Huel Berry Granoloa, with cashew milk, cherries, blueberries, rasperries, strawberies, easy peeler orange and banana.

Lunch: I have an “Instant Pot”-style, so into it went: Kallo vegetable stock pot, arborio rice, broad beans, curly kale, courgette, red pepper, onions, and sprouted aduki beans.

Dinner: 116g of Berry Huel powder.

My exercise has been limited to no more than about 30 minutes a day of walking.

This works, and I can definitely see myself regularly using Huel to maintain a healthy weight once I reach it.

Thanks all, and thank you to the Huel team.


Very impressive!!

I am very happy for you, and that you have managed to fight the good fight and are reaching your target weight!

I started Huel 3 days ago, and I hope to be able to lose weight as well, as I need to lose 30kg…

The road I have ahead of me seems impossible, so it’s good to see that it’s achievable.

I don’t like vegetables, however I have been doing my very best to start eating healthier - as I was raised in a Portuguese family, meat and fish are essential in any diet, so it’s been tricky to manage those changes, especially because I am so overweight and feel hungry all the time.

I stopped drinking milk and now only have almond milk, the only “meat” I have is Quorn, and Huel is now my next step towards a healthier me.

Please keep us updated on your journey - I feel I will need all the good motivation I can get.

Keep it up!! :slight_smile:


Hi Joanne. Vegetables prepared the traditional way can be boring. Experiment with herbs and spices. Keep this up and your tastes will change and surprise you one day. You may start to like foods that you previously didn’t Good luck!


I will try and explore more ways to have my veggies!

Sometimes they taste Soooo bland though! Will experiment with herbs and stuff :slight_smile:


Fantastic job! I just reached 10kg weight loss and have another 30-40 to go, so that gives me a lot of hope. :slight_smile:


Thanks Vash, keep it up, you can do it!


Wow excellent post.

I was wondering if anyone had a successful weight loss story. I have just started on Huel at 6’3" and 25st 13lb (165Kg) - I’m only 25 and my blood pressure is getting higher. 10 months ago I fell to 135Kg on Keto and then Christmas kicked in and I went through the roof.

With your weight, when did you find the greatest loss? Did you ever go 100% Huel and how did you find it best to manage cravings for fast food?


The greatest weight loss was in the first two weeks, but that’s common when starting a weight loss diet, I believe it’s something to do with losing excess retained water.

I have had the occasional 100% Huel day. In the first few months, I allowed myself one fast food meal a week, but only by saving up calories. There are some vegan fast food outlets not too far from me luckily.

Good luck!


I may be an exception, but I have no cravings whatsoever since I started drinking Huel. I think because it satisfies my bodys nutritional needs, so I’m not craving “something, I’m not sure what” (which can lead to all sorts of junk food experimentation.)


You’re not an exception. I used to love snacking at my desk but now I can’t remember the last time I just snacked for the sake of it


I’ve found that to an extent I crave savoury food, but literally 10g of nuts or cheese will satisfy my craving. Whereas previously I’d be craving a sandwich or a bag of crisps or whatever. It’s surprised me how hungry I don’t feel when drinking Huel.


That’s also been my experience, and I believe this goes a long way to explaining the difference between my current successful weight-loss regime, and many previous diets that have failed.


Update. After 31 weeks, I now weigh 12st 7.5lbs (175.5lbs, 79.6kg), so I have lost 4st 4.5lbs (60.5lbs, 27.4kg). If I can continue losing weight at this rate, I should reach my goal weight of 11st (154lbs, 69.9kg) by the end of the year. Huel is continuing to play a very big part in this, I use at least one of the products every day, and usually at least two.