Susana's Fat loss Journey 2.0 with Huel 100%


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my fat loss journey 2.0

Today is day 3 of 100% Huel.

After years of denial and lack of motivation I determined I need to make a dramatic lifestyle change, well diet mostly. I’ve decided to use Huel as a way to help maintain a balanced healthy diet for fat loss and weight control. Why Huel? I have no idea. I have seen a few work colleagues using it and enough facebook ads to get it lodged into my brain. I did some research, read an inspiring article of a guy who did 6 months of Huel only. I quickly came to the conclusion that Huel was my only hope.

I’m all in. No cheating. No exceptions.

In conjunction with Huel I am using the 'Lose it" app to track my daily weight, fitness, calorie+nurtition, and water intake. This app is very useful, it really keeps me in check by doing a lot of the hard work of calculating everything. The index of food is vast. I highly recommend it.

Where to begin…:thinking: I’ve been through this, 10 years ago. I lost 50 kilos in around 18 months. I was 110 kilos and 23 years old at the time. This is why I call it “Fat Loss Journey 2.0”

What got me motived is actually a little depressing and I don’t want to bring any of you down when we all are here to move forward and be positive, but in most good stories there’s a sad background. Sadly I had suffered a miscarriage this past week. My way of coping was to focus all my attention onto myself. While I was pregnant the thought crossed my mind several times that I wasn’t happy with my weight (fat mass) and I really wanted to be at a healthier weight before giving birth. It is possible to lose weight while pregnant but definitely more challenging. The news wasn’t new as I had an ultrasound two weeks prior that showed me much less then I was supposed to be. It is heart breaking but I also understand how incredibly complicated it is to actually create life. Simply sometimes things don’t match up and nature takes its course. Everyone copes differently to these things. All I want to take from this tragic loss is to motivate myself to create something positive out of it.

So the journey begins…

Actually it began 2 days ago. I was 84.95kg. I have lost 1kg each day since I have started. I know this is due to water weight and other things happening to my body due to my pregnancy loss but it’s a great start. I am weighing myself daily, first thing in the morning.

I will be posting my results weekly with photos :camera:. I want to inspire :muscle: and also keep myself in check :heavy_check_mark: . Keeping a journal will help. Please share your ideas and progress.

Thanks for reading and good luck to us all!!:grinning:

Age: 33
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 83kg
Goal Weight: 55kg (by August-September)
Activity level: Cycle to work 6k @ 4 days a week


Well done! Make sure you keep this updated! It’s great to read about how people are getting on!


I will do my best. I believe this forum will be a way to help my motivation. I can’t wait to hear about other people’s stories. I am reading a lot of threads on here of other people and it’s amazing to hear of their experiences.

I forgot to add that I plan to have regular meals when its a special occasion like date night or while on holiday. I will maintain my calorie limit with those meals. I guess 100% Huel isn’t exactly what I’ll be doing but do plan to use Huel for 3 to 2 meals a day for 6 months at least.


Hey welcome to Huel, good look with your journey hope it goes well for you.


Hey Susana, really sorry to hear about your horrible start to the year. There’s still 10 months of it left though and I hope 2019 is the best thing that ever happened to you. Welcome to the cult of Huel community


So sorry to hear about your loss.

But best of luck with your Huel journey. Many of us Hueligans will be following it with interest :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear about your loss.

You seem really motivated in reaching your goal. Keep us updated!


Hi Susana. Sad start to the year but hope you continue to enjoy Huel and good luck with the weight loss :+1:


@Sumaura Good luck and excellent choice! Can’t wait to read your updates soon :slight_smile:


Good luck! We have almost the exact same stats so I’m intrigued to see how it works for you.
I’ve yet to do a full Huel day, by the time I get to the evening I can’t face it and just crave something savoury!


Weekly update

Hello everyone!

Today I’m doing my weekly update photo and weigh in for all of you.

I’ve decided I need to start measuring my body to give more accurate results. Next week I’ll be adding measurements.

I’ve been doing really good with my calorie counting. I’ve only ended up doing a few days of huel only. Most days I’ve done two Huel meals and one fresh meal. I’ve been consuming between 1380 to 1200 calories a day. I think it’s good to vary around 200 calories between days. I actually love my vanilla Huel. I look forward to my shakes. I’m also doing a bit if fasting by not drinking my morning shake untill after 10am and eating dinner no later than 8pm.

I’ve lost a total of 5 lbs since I started last Wednesday. I originally weighed 84.95 kg and today I’m weighing 82.5 kg

I’m cycling daily to work and activities. That’s about an hour a day of cardio. I will start implementing muscle strengthening next week with home workouts. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and do too much at once. First is to get use to a lifestyle change in my diet. Last year I did gym 3 to 4 times a week and at some point even had a personal trainer but I got nowhere and didn’t track my progress or results, most importantly I didn’t adjust my diet. This is why I’m taking this new approach with diet first and exercise with a good diet later.

I’m not craving foods as much as I thought I would, thank you Huel! My biggest problem before starting this new journey was grabbing whatever comfort food was available, especially for my lunches. I work in the city centre with a shopping mall across the street, easy access to junk food. I knew I was not taking care of myself and I didn’t care enough at the time to change that habit until now. The truth is my denial came with the idea that just because I don’t ever consume sugary drinks (gave them up 10 years ago), alcohol rarely, daily sweets, meant I wasn’t all that unhealthy… false! Sugar is in everything and so are bad fats. My greatest enemy are carbohydrates, bread mostly. Who doesn’t love a flaky buttery croissant?! I think the biggest and most important part of this lifestyle change is to not make food a pleasure. Food is our energy source (fuel) not our happiness or enjoyment. My mind can’t help but think about the many people out there who don’t have the luxury to choose what or how much to eat. I think a large part of how I kept of my previous weight loss off was due to living in a small village in South America where fast food or choice wasn’t so readily available. The diet in Argentina isn’t healthy if you consider how much meat and pasta they eat, luckily I never accustomed myself to eating red meat daily. Moving back to a first world country like the UK has been a major adjustment to my lifestyle I had lived for the past 7 years. Food is everything and everywhere and we are a obsessed, self entitled society that relies on instant gratification… And it’s only getting worse in my opinion.

Age: 33
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 82kg
Goal Weight: 55kg (by August-September)
Activity level: Cycle to work 6k @ 4 days a week


How is it going?..been a bit quiet…