Sweating for my wedding!

So I’ve always been sceptical of meal replacement shakes, we’ve all heard about it ‘magic weight loss boost’ ‘amazing results’ yes this may be true but unless this is part of a calorie controlled diet you’re not going to keep the results!

My partner uses Huel because he has various health issues meaning he struggles to digest sold food, when he got this I laughed and said ‘that’s not gonna keep you full’ boy was I wrong!

We are getting married in December so I’m on a final push to get in shape for the wedding. I’ve started working out but struggling with food, I may not be fully there with eating right but having a Huel shake every morning (I love the berry one with a banana thrown in or the banana one with a spoon of peanut butter) has really helped! I have it for breakfast and not only does it make me feel awesome after a workout but I am genuinely full for at least 4 hours afterwards and I only use one scoop!

This is definitely a new part of my routine that’s here to stay, this along with the workouts will help me look good and feel amazing on my wedding day!

Meal Replacements are, but they do work really well for weight loss because they make it super easier to keep an eye on calories eaten. So this should work well for you. Good luck all the same though :smiley:

If I can offer a bit of unsolicited advice… dump the peanut butter. Terrible stuff anyway but it’s usually loaded with calories and sugar.

Sorry but I have to defend PB now…

Calories aren’t ‘bad’ (as long as they’re accounted for) and peanuts are loaded with a lot of great nutrition!

It is definitely worth checking you’re not buying a brand that adds sugar or unsustainable palm oil though. There are loads of good ones available.

I do use whole earth organic peanut butter, the crunchy one. I know the cheap ones are full of unnecessary ingredients so get the better stuff :grinning:


This is my favourite brand too! :peanuts::heart:

Get in the sea :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually just by the Morrisons own brand crunchy for my peanut butter fix…it’s not organic but cheap and contains just one ingredient - peanuts - no salt, no palm oil nothing.

This is, without a doubt my favourite peanut butter. To the extent that I contacted them to ask if it was available in larger jars!

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I know it’s exactly how peanut butter should be.

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