Swedish Customer Support Tobias

Hey Huel,

Tobias over at our local customer support is fantastic. He’s funny, witty and professional all at once and always gets the job done. His posts on the facebook ads was actually the reason I decided to try Huel as he’s super hilarious. Give this man a raise!


I’ve talked to Lucie instead, but she’s also very professional, kind and helped me a lot. So Huel customer support is great, so far. :slight_smile:

Also, give a raise to the italian social media guy / girl, we are the most annoying country I think in term of “going against food traditions” and he/she’s doing a great job to answer in a polite and funny way to who is “insulting” and hate-speeching the product. :slight_smile:


Yeah this Tobias also handles our social media. It’s so fun to read. He has a lot of humor :joy:


I’ll be sure to pass this on to the team. Thanks so much for the lovely feedback!