Taste changed halfway through the bag?

Currently about 2/3 through my first bag of Huel (Vanilla).

The first 6 or 7 servings I had were absolutely delicious. I was really surprised at how good it tasted, almost like a vanilla milkshake.

The last few servings that I made, however, have been almost inedible. All I can taste is pea, which I don’t really care for, even as a whole food. Almost no vanilla flavor at all. I understand that pea protein is one of the main ingredients, I’m just puzzled as to why my perception of the flavor changed so quickly.

Is it possible that components of the Huel settled in the bag and that’s why I’m having such a drastically different experience with it as I’m progressing through the bag? I’ve been making my Huel exactly the same way the whole time, so I can’t really attribute it to anything else.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Shake the bag vigorously for a minute?

I’ve never experienced this. Have you been sealing the bag between uses?

Has someone peed in the bag?


Some people just don’t like the taste, that’s why the flavour packs come in so handy.

You can’t peas everyone I guess :wink:


I’ve never noticed a pea taste, just tastes more oaty to me.


I’ve never noticed it either…the overwhelming flavour (not in a bad way of course) is oat.